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Crib Springs Garden Tool Rack

Don't throw away that old baby crib, keep the springs and turn them into a storage area for garden tools using s-hooks. You can even hang galvanized buckets filled with flowers for living wall art. This is an upcycle project that required absolutely nothing other than one small nail placed in the exterior of our log home and I love how simple it is. I used an old set of springs from a baby crib and created vertical storage space to hold my small hand held gardening tools. 

Galvanized bucket filled with annuals attached to old crib springs hanging outside the door of a log homeOur local hospice center has a store on site and they were having a 50% off store wide sale, and for some reason my Jeep has a mind of it’s own and just turned into the parking lot. I went inside in hopes of finding an old wooden door or a set of wooden shutter, but came out with an entire mahogany baby bed (minus the matress) for $5.  I really had no idea why I purchased it but it was in such great condition I decided I’d find a way to reuse the pieces. 

Pool basket attached to an old set of crib springs to use as a potting center, tool storage, or artworkBefore I got home my wheels started turning and I’d decided to use the springs in my office, above the desk as a message center. I got home, took the crib springs out of my Jeep, gave them a quick hosing off and once they dried I took them into the house. Once I had it placed above my desk on the wall I didn’t really care for the look. Either the wall space looked to small or the springs looked to big, whatever the case I just wasn’t feeling it so down it came and on to plan B. 

Here's a great way to use that old baby crib. Keep the springs and turn it into hanging garden tool storage. Throw in a few galvanized buckets planted with annuals and it looks like a wall of art. It's the perfect functional rustic look.I headed outside to give my potted plants some water and scratch out a few weeded from my cut flower garden when the idea hit me, wouldn’t it be cute to add the springs to the exterior of the cabin and use them as a rustic tool storage center? 

Galvanized bucket loaded with annuals attached to an old set of crib springs. Back into the house I went to get an old pool basket, some galvanized buckets, and “S” hooks. It took me all of a few seconds to add a nail and hang the springs, then with “S” hooks I added the tools, buckets, and pool basket. It now looks like a planned area and I love that I can have a few live plants in the buckets. It gives it just enough color against the logs yet looks rustic at the same time and fitting for the cabin.

Stay tuned I’m determined to refashion the rest of that crib into something else, I’ll reveal what it is soon. I’m just waiting for this heat to break so I can be outside with my miter saw and get creative. 

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  1. Just LOVE your pictures! Have a lovely sunday…

  2. Dawn, I love this. I have all kinds of old buckets and a galvanized wash tub holding my potted plants by and on our deck. Love this look.

  3. Dawn…I just love what you created with the springs…..It looks awesome!

  4. Kathleen G says:

    Like your plan B and looking forward to seeing what you’re planning to use the frame for, Kathleen in Az

  5. I love it!!! And you styled it perfectly. I can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. Debbie Lorson says:

    Absolutely adorable. Perfection.

  7. Fanstatic job! I love how the plants look in the galvanized buckets. I am so doing this. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Such a great idea for using the crib springs! I still have the crib from when my son was a baby and was recently debating what to do with it. You’ve given me some fun ideas :o)

    1. Debbie I also used the wooden portion of the bed and made a bench, so the whole crib was repurposed.

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