Critters in the Pond

I grabbed my camera to take some photos of all the tadpoles in the pond, but before I could get there….
Someone beat me to it.  
So now I have a pond with the bottom stirred up.Guess I’ll sit and wait for it to calm a little………..

Ok, that’s better.

 Check out all the tadpoles.  Those black dots with tails will soon turn into
It looks like we will have plenty of them too.
 When my son was little we would bring several into the house and put them in the fish tank until they turned into tiny frogs, then release them.
I think I will just leave them in the pond this year.

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  1. We have tons of them too in our pond and all the water areas in our woods. Bailey loves making the frogs jump in the pond when she runs around the edge.

  2. Great pond pictures! I love the noise they make…crazy but true- xo Diana

  3. Too funny; i love your pup! 🙂 You will have alot of frogs. We have had a toad around in my hostas, he’s kind of a pain because sometimes, he will be waiting at the door when you come out; it scares me and drives the dog crazy!

    Have a great day!

  4. I don’t blame your pup…as hot as it’s been, I would have probably beat you to the pond too 🙂

  5. We can’t keep our chocolate lab out of water. as soon as I open the door she’s in the pond standing there for us to throw her toys. I have yet to see frogs through. That would be cool. cheers

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