Crocheted Granny Square Pillow

Crocheted Granny Square Pillow
This is what I decided to turn those squares into.
My original plan was to make a blanket or throw with the granny squares.

Plans changed:  I got so excited to turn them into something that they became a pillow.
I crocheted 3 sides shut and added ties to the fourth side.  That way I can slip a pillow form in or wash the yarn any time it needs it.
Is anyone else out there crazy about crocheting? 

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  1. It turned out wonderfully, Dawn! Granny squares are such happy little things, aren’t they?

    I never really thought much about crochet until my aunt and uncle crocheted me and my husband a large blanket for our wedding–granny squares but with flowers in the center. I love that blanket and joke it’s my security blanket.

    In the last year or so, I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet and started doing Crafty Minx’s Crochet School (http://www.craftyminx.com/crochet-school/) very sporadically and not exactly in order. 🙂 I’m only as far as having mastered the single crochet but I started in on double crochet a few days ago. (Still trying to get the hang of pulling the hook through the first two loops…) My end goal is to be able to make granny squares for pillows and throws, so I’m definitely motivated to get the double crochet down pat soon.

    Do you find that your fingers or joints hurt after crocheting for awhile? I made a coaster the other day while watching a movie, and now my thumb joint is feeling a bit stiff. I also used post-hole diggers to plant bushes later that day, so maybe it’s a combination of crochet and manual labor that’s made my fingers hurt? LOL

    Take care,

  2. Cute pillow. My sister in law taught me years ago a simple stitch and I did it for a very short time. Could not begin to do it now since I don’t remember what she showed me.

  3. Dawn, the pillow turned out great!!! I have a whole bag full of granny squares that I made one summer while out on the boat with hubby. I have not done anything with them yet, and perhaps now, I shall be inspired to make a pillow. I too learned to crochet as a child, and made a few throws as a young adult then put that hobby on the shelf for many years. Until I rediscovered my love of yarn about 3 years ago. Such a therapeutic and comforting hobby to have. It is so relaxing to sit and crochet and/or knit! And now, lucky for us, it is a very popular thing to do, and so the ideas and patterns out there are endless!!! Have fun, my friend. I only wish you could be one of our Knitty Biddies!!!!
    xo Kris

  4. I’m a new follower who just found your blog. Your pillow turned out very nice! I love to crochet but have only made items using single and double crochet. I have always wanted to make things with granny squares but have been unable to master it.


  5. Hi Dawn, I wish I could come to your pretty cabin and have a crochet lesson! I guess I’ll have to drool on the photos, LOL, Jean

  6. I love this pillow,gosh Dawn you are so multi-talented.
    I’ve never learned to crochet,but now I see this beauty,I want too.

  7. Love the colors you used, fits right in with the rocker. Love the red – it is sort of sedona red. Great idea to have ties for quick change/wash.

  8. Oh, I love your pillow! It is so colorful and very cheerful for those cold wintry days!


  9. Your pillow is absolutely charming… especially on your blue rocker!!!! Good call to put those granny squares in a pillow!!!!

  10. Your pillow is lovely and such pretty colours, Dawn. You were wise to complete the project and feel a sense if accomplishment. It will inspire you to make more. I love to crochet and have since I was a child. I just wish I had photos of all the gifts I gave away. Wishing you a great weekend.

  11. Dawn
    They are so Nannie McPhee!
    I always wanted to learn how to
    crochet Granny Squares. I can do
    scallops for trims pretty well, and
    once I start it’s hard to quit!

  12. My grandmother crocheted constantly. She made everyone afghans, scarves, mittens, even slippers. Once she made me a matching kelly green scarf, hat and mittens. I loved it. I so with we had saved it. Anyway, this is a great winter hobby. Can’t wait to see what else you make with those granny squares!

  13. I love the colors they are so bright and have a cottage look to them. Both of my grandmothers, Lola and Bea loved to crochet the granny squares, but they always used a black background, I love the white. I wish I could sit still long enough to crochet. Anyway I think your pillow is so cute.

  14. Cute pillow. Love the cheery colors.

    Crochet was the first craft I ever learned. My grandmother taught me but she did crochet using her own creativity and so only taught me the stitches and not how to read a pattern. She never used a pattern so I had to teach myself how to read one once I was older.

    I am currently in the middle of crocheting a blanket for a Christmas present. Hopefully I will finish it in time.

  15. Love this! I wish I knew how to make these squares. I only learned how to crochet just a little a few years ago. I can tell from your tree in the background that we have the same colors of ornaments on our trees 🙂

  16. Love the colors! Yes, I’m crazy for crochet. I have a bunch of granny’s just waiting to be turned into something.
    Your blog is lovely!

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