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Daffodils Blooming at the Guest House

Daffodils area wonderful sign that spring has arrivedI finally found the first sign of spring in my neck of the woods; daffodils at the guest house. Everyone else is mowing grass and planting gardens, but not here in Michigan our season is behind by about a month. I normally have lilacs blooming and humming birds at the feeder by this time most years, but this year it’s still cold, very windy, and rainy. I hate to even curse myself by saying this, but I think I’m having allergy trouble this year, something I haven’t experienced since I was a kid. The news did say we will have the worst allergy season ever this year 🙁 I always thought my allergy problems stemmed from my Dad being a smoker while I was growing up, but maybe not. Right now I have the itchy eyes, scratch throat, aching ears, and a headache which I figure is from nasal pressure. 

I have to tell you what else I found at the guest house. Apparently when we had the ice storm this winter and lost power it did a number on the place. Needless to say we have a huge insurance claim to turn in. With the power out for so long the pipes, toilets, water softener, and hot water heater all froze and when they thawed out it broke everything dumping water everywhere. With the water froze the well kept trying to come on and it burned up the pump. We have flooring ruined from all the water, insulation under the floors that is falling down and ductwork that it ripped down. The frost was so deep this year that it heaved the deck polls from the ground and the 20X12 deck will also need to be  replaced, it pushed it up so far we couldn’t even open the front door. Looks like hubby is going to be busy for a while. My parents use our guest house for the summer and plan on coming back to Michigan at the end of this month so I’m hoping the adjuster gets out here this week so we can get started with all the repairs. There never seems to be a dull moment around our place.

Daffodils The daffodils use to be part of the flower gardens when we live in what’s now the guest house. When the cabin was built I had no desire to keep up two big yards so I let a big portion of the yard become part of the field, and this also meant many of my flower gardens filled in with grass and weeds. It amazes me every year when I still find the flowers blooming amongst the country grass, I figured by now the weeds would have choked everything out but so far that hasn’t been the case. I was excited to find the daffodils blooming. I grabbed the garden nippers that I keep in my purse and cut a fistful for the front porch, along with a little greenery to support the flowers. They look much better in my galvanized bucket than they do out in the weeds. For now I’m enjoying the flowers before all our work begins on the guest house. I’m sure not looking forward to that, those type of repairs aren’t fun at all. I may just have to leave it all up to my hubby. Now that sounds like a better idea!



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  1. It is so lovely to find the first signs of spring. A friend phoned last night all excited as the trilliums at her daughters house were out in bloom. My tulips are budding and might be open in a day or so. Enjoy the daffodils

    1. Linda, I used to have tulips too now that you mention it. I wonder if the grass finally choked them out or some critter dug them up?

  2. I’ve had one set of daffodils bloom but the others haven’t yet. What an insane winter and spring! Love yours in the galvanized bucket.

    1. Claudia, I din’t realize they had different varieties that bloomed at different times. All things look good in a galvanized bucket 🙂

  3. Unbelievable damage – hope it all gets solved and repaired soon! I adore daffodils – what a treat after your long winter.

    1. Barbara, I was so glad to see something blooming 🙂 It made my day.

  4. Dawn,
    How pretty and spring like to cut the daffodils. They look amazing in the galvanized bucket. Have a wonderful Mom’s Day.

    1. Kris, I love all flowers in galvanized buckets, I don’t think I even own a vase.

  5. Wow, your spring really is late, but look how pretty your daffodils are. Isn’t is amazing how they withstand those brutally cold winters. Hope you get all of your repairs done quickly. xo Laura

    1. Laura, Our spring is about a month behind this year so everything is different for bloom times than normal.

  6. My thoughts, before you said it, was “never a dull moment at Dawn’s”.

    You have a great attitude and I hope the adjuster does his job quickly so you can get things fixed.

    1. Carol, Insurance said they won’t cover the damage so I am not happy. We will have to fix it all at our own expense. And you are right never a dull moment, I got hit in the eye with a baseball friday, have a cut and a black eye. I am such a mess. LOL

  7. I love your Wildflowers, Dawn.
    I don’t envy you all that work on your guest house though.
    What a chore!
    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Kim, I am so disappointed the insurance company said they wouldn’t cover the damage. They added a clause about the ice storm and I am not a happy gal 🙁

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