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Daisy Table Makeover

Daisy Table Makeover | DIY | Creative Cain CabinWe have had this iron table in our family for years and years. It seems to travel around from parents to cousins and aunt and uncles. Whoever is in need of a table at the moment gets it. It has been at my house for about 10 years now. I have covered the cushions several times but this time it was in need of more than just a cushion change. I did know the only thing I didn’t want to change was the chippy paint on the iron portion.

Before and After Daisy Table Makeover | DIY | Creative Cain CabinThe plywood seats had completely rotted away and the whole set was looking pretty sad. With the graduation party happening at our place I knew I needed to give it a quick makeover. The glass top broke several winters ago and I didn’t want to put the money into having new cut so I had hubby use tongue and groove siding that was left over from the house built to create a new top. 

Daisy Table | Creative Cain CabinI headed off to JoAnn Fabrics and purchased some upholstery grade vinyl for the seats and chair backs. I love this stuff it is so easy to work with. Hubby cut out the new plywood seats, I reused the heavy foam and with my trusty stapler I had everything recovered in less than 3o minutes. Since I chose the check pattern I decided the easiest thing to paint and coordinate with the checks would be a BIG daisy. I grabbed 2 sample pots of Rustoleum paint one in bright yellow and one in bright white. I just freehanded the daisy (that required no skill at all) painted the yellow first and when that dried I added the white petals. I used a black sharpie to outline it all and gave it a quick spray of clear sealer to keep it waterproof.  So for under $15 I transformed the ugly duckling table into a bright cheery daisy table. I don’t even mind using it now.

DIY Painted Daisy Table | Creative Cain Cabin



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  1. Very sweet re love of this great set. I love that it has family history too. You did a great job of making it bright and pretty.
    Great job. Happy 4th my friend.

    1. Kris, thank you. It looks so much better now, I no longer have to hide it in the corner. LOL. Happy 4th to you too.

  2. Kathleen G says:

    So retro cute! I received my Country Woman magazine in the mail yesterday. I always check out the country kitchens first and the firat thing I thought was, I’ve seen this kitchen before! Yours! I’m so excited for you to have your kitchen highlighted in this wonderful magazine. Country kitchen for sure. Congratulation Dawn! Kathleen in Az

    1. Would love to see this! What’s the date on the new issue?

    2. Would love to see this! What’s the date on the new issue so I know what to look for?

      1. Denise, it will be on the shelves Monday the 7th. I will head to B&N and grab a few issues.

    3. Kathleen, Thank you for letting me know. They told me it wouldn’t be on the shelf until Monday. I was planning on grabbing a few issues then.

      1. Cathy Collins says:

        I got my copy the other day by mail and really liked your article. We will be moving and there is a log cabin on our short list of homes, but I have had reservations because I am not at all familiar with home maintenance for a log home. I guess I worry about “Carpenter Ants”. How vunerable are log homes and how are they preserved? I may sound dumb, but my husband is not big on home repairs and I would hate to buy my way into a nightmare. He loves their look and well they have never been my first choice in the past but I am beginning to warm up to their clean and unclutteredness. Any info or reference you can suggest would be appreciated. Cathy

        1. Cathy, an already existing log home could have an inspection for those type of bugs. We have an exterminator year round so we won’t have issues. The only thing we have had trouble with is carpenter bees and that was this year. I just called the exterminator and they came out immediately and fixed the problem. They do need to be restained (on the exterior) about every 10 years but you can also pay to have that done. My hubby can fix anything so it has never been a worry for me. I love ours and love how easy it is to keep clean.

  3. It is really cute Dawn! And I’m glad you didn’t paint it, I like it all aged and chippy.
    I just read that you are in Country Woman-Big Congrats!! I can’t wait to get mine now.

    1. Kim, Thank you for stopping by. The magazine didn’t even let me know it was on the shelves. I did email them and they were in the process of moving offices and forgot to mail me my edition.

  4. Congrats to you Dawn, I’ll have to get a copy! I love the table and chairs you did a great job!

    1. Thank you Rondell, I will pick my copy up on Monday 🙂

  5. Cheryl Major says:

    You did a great job on the table and chair set. I like the chippy paint and the fact that it has so much history just adds to it!

    1. Cheryl, its such a sturdy set I hated to get rid of it, so a makeover once again was in order.

  6. Lookie, you are already painting flowers! Great job, love it and I have a patio table that needs a bit of sprucing up. I may have to snitch your idea. I already Pinned it for future reference!

    1. Pamela, do use the idea it is so simple to do. Thanks for pinning 🙂

  7. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    The table and chairs look so cute Dawn..I will be looking for the magazine too..Have a happy 4th!

    1. Thank you Nancy I am heading to the city today to see if I can find a copy.

  8. It looks fabulous, Dawn – a completely wonderful transformation! Clever you!


    1. Debbie you’re right it is a happy table now 🙂

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