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Dandelion Time = Organic Weed Killer

Kill Weeds Organically with 3 Household ItemsIt’s that time of year where the dandelions are out in full force. For me we have a yard full of them, we don’t treat with any chemicals we just let them grow it’s all part of country living. Where I’m from you don’t have nicely manicured lawns, there’s no keeping up the the Jones around here, we all have country grass which translates to weeds we cut done and call grass. There would be no keeping up if we tried to kill out the weeds, things from the neighboring fields would just keep reseeding into our yard and it would be an endless battle. So I just love the grass we have, dandelions and all, but my flower beds are a different story. I don’t want them being taken over by dandelions or any other type of weeds. The recipe I use to keep them killed off is: Vinegar, Salt, and Dish-soap thing I always have on hand.

Organic Weed Killer RecipeI pick a spring day when the morning is cool but will heat up to about 80 degrees before the day is over, luckily Thursday was that day in my neck of the woods. I’m not a hot weather gal, I truly don’t even like it to reach 80 for me 72 with a nice breeze is perfect weather. I get going early in the morning with my weed killing task, right after the dew is gone. I mix 1 gallon vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, and a squirt of dish soap into my sprayer and start my killing spree. 

Killing Dandelions OrganicallySee it’s working already the above photos was taken 3 hours after I sprayed my weed killing cocktail, the yellow of the bloom is already turning brown and the green leaves are curling and dying. It’s amazing how fast this stuff work and there’s no harmful chemicals going into the ground, and later turning up in your water supply. And a bonus is it’s super cheap, cheap, cheap!




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  1. Your update via Feedburner arrived in my inbox this morning Dawn (I had just subscribed yesterday). I showed your latest 2 posts.
    I use the vinegar, dish soap, water mixture for weeds all the time … works great. I use it the most on the paths and patio areas, always careful not to spray it on the flowers.

    1. Linda, thank you for letting me know you are getting my feed 🙂 I need to do some more spraying but it’s turned cold again here.

  2. crafty grandma says:

    Works every time!!!! Pesticides have been banned for years around here – surprised to hear they still exist in the US! If it can warm up, my bottle will be waiting, but it’s been coolish and rainy to spray! I did see one pop it’s ugly head in my garden of all places – needless to say – it’s gone….before we moved, some grandmothers used to get together and pick the dandelion, making dandelion salad from the leaves….it’s very bitter!!!! You got to try it …..only once!!

    1. My hubby just said yesterday, “why don’t you eat the dandelions”. I have never tried them but may have to give it a go. LOL

    2. Dandelions are great. The trick is to mix the dandelion greens with other types of lettuce. Very good for you. My sister makes dandelion wine, fritters and cookies too. Give them a try. Great detoxifier, which is why we see them in the spring!

      1. Sarah, I’ve never heard of cookies from them, I will have to look for a recipe 🙂

  3. Thanks so much. We have dandelions growing in the spaces between the concrete and the house, garage, etc. Now I know how to deal with them – safely!

    1. Carol, and you don’t have to worry about the dog either. My dog likes to roll in things and this at least isn’t harmful to her.

  4. That is a great tip. Last week I used water, vinegar and a dash of dish soap and killed driveway weeds and it worked very fast. My husband had used a weed killer on the trailer pad rocks and it took way longer. I like minw
    better for all sorts of reasons.

    1. Sandy, I like this method too, I like immediate results. The only downfall is you really have to douse the plant.

  5. I never knew this. Thanks for the GREAT tip!! -Bev

    1. Bev, this is the best stuff and no chemicals involved.

  6. Well this is the bomb! How easy and it sure beats using Round Up! Definitely giving this a try.

    1. Ann, you will never use Round Up again. This is so much better for your pets too, they don’t have to be near any chemicals in the yard. Make sure you use it on a hot day when the sun is out.

      1. Can you use this on the lawn? Will it harm the grass?

  7. My garden is full of thistle seedlings, what a mess. I wonder if this would work on them?

    1. Debra, I haven’t found anything it doesn’t work on. It kills mine off.

  8. This is great! Does it kill anything you spray it on? Will it kill the grass? Do you need to keep the spray tight?

    1. Lisa, it kills whatever it is sprayed on, and yes that includes grass. I spray the weeds heavily when it’s not windy that way no overspray gets on my flowers or things I don’t want killed off.

  9. Been looking for an animal safe way to get rid of weeds

    1. Barb, this is it. If I use Roundup my dog wants to roll in it and I am constantly trying to keep her out of it. She stays away from the vinegar mixture.

  10. Good Morning Dawn, With the warmer weather, here in England, so the weeds have started to grow. I do not mind daisies in my garden, but dandelions can become so invasive in my small garden. I now know what to do….. this is the perfect solution. I don’t spray any chemicals in my garden, I just seem to spend so much time removing weeds, but your method is fabulous and I am certainly going to be trying this.
    I have enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower. I look forward to reading your blog.
    Best Wishes

    1. Daphne, welcome to the cabin so glad to have you following. You will love this method for weeds no back breaking digging all the time. Makes sure you give them a good dose of the cocktail on a hot day.

  11. Betty Banner says:

    Just wondering if they will kill the grass around the weeds? Weekend project here I come

  12. hey I was just wondering will they keep returning or once you spray them they’re gone ?

    1. Monica, I respray any time I see them start to grow again, normally about once a month.

  13. Dawn,
    Do you have any suggestions of what to use in the grass so as not to kill it as well as the weeds?

    1. Jan, no I don’t the organic mix will also kill grass. Sorry 🙁

  14. Just a friendly FYI. Be very careful using this in beds you want to grow other things. The salt gets into the soil and will kill everything by tying up nutrients so plants can’t absorb them. This is best used only on sidewalks and walkways. The salt and vinegar will also kill worms and beneficial bacteria in the soil so it has a double whammy.

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