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Decorating a Porch For Winter In Rustic Style

Rustic Log Home Winter/Christmas Porch

The porch, one of my favorite spots to decorate. This is the side entrance that my family uses, it’s not actually the main entrance to the cabin, but it is the most used so it’s also the spot that sees the most decor changes. I guess you cant really call this decor, it’s more in line with making it function for winter.

Rustic Log Home Winter/Christmas Porch

I pulled out my bent and rusty snow shovel, an old sled from the shed, an olive basket with fresh cut pine clippings, my Hunter boots, a $5 wreath I’ve had in storage forever, and organized it to be functional for a winters day. 

Nothing you see was a new or recent purchase and like my dining room I decorating for winter not Christmas. To be honest it gives me longer to keep it up and it doesn’t feel holiday specific. The older I get the more I like things to be more casual and easy going. 

Rustic Log Home Winter/Christmas Porch

I picked a day that is was fairly warm outside to get it done. I really like how it looks when its snow covered but of course the snow hadn’t fallen yet when I took these photos. But of course now we have snow on the ground and I’ve had to shovel the porch off a couple of times.  

I have to check my boots before sliding them on every time. Some years I have mice that like to curl up in the toe and take a nap. I don’t want to squish them nor do I want them crawling up my pant leg. I only throw the boots on to run to the coop they’re not warm enough to be worn as winter boots. 

Rustic Log Home Winter/Christmas Porch

I always look forward to Michigan winters as long as I don’t have to drive on bad roads. Another trait I’ve acquired with age is I drive like a granny, according to my hubby, so snow drifted slippery roads are not for me. Thank you for stopping by today. Remember to take time to enjoy the simple things in life this Christmas season. {Hugs} to all!

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  1. I love your porch!! I’m a long time reader and have always enjoyed your blog! I like your idea, not just decorating for Christmas but for the season. I’m going to have to incorporate that idea at my house too. Have a great day. Hugs,

    1. Sandi, What a sweet comment and I’m glad to have you here. I so enjoy reading comments from all my readers but I have a connection to those who have been with me for quite some time 🙂

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