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Why I started making my own deodorant recipe

DIY Deodorant Recipe

I’m excited to share with you my personal deodorant recipe. I’m fortunate that it only took me two tries to find what worked for me. One that fights odor and wetness and doesn’t stain my shirts or make me break out.

Myself like the rest of you I’m sure over the last two years at some point came down with the sickness. After 4 weeks of a high fever and half my hair falling out I finally recovered. One of the lasting symptoms I is I can’t wear store bought deodorant. 

My armpits were nothing but scabs with the sickness. I had a horrible rash under each arm and shaving and deodorant only made it more painful and worse. I tried several different brands; some I could wear a couple of days before the rash came back and some I could wear a month before it returned.

I finally gave up on deodorant and out of peer pain and wanting something soothing on my pits I tried my homemade face cream under my arms. I make it from coconut oil, lavender and tea tree essential oils. Oh my what a soothing feeling it was under my arms and I noticed I wasn’t’ sweating either. 

I started thinking maybe I could use my face recipe as the base and add a few other ingredients to combat the stink. And that’s just what I did and I love it. No more rash and I’ll never go back to store bought deodorant after discovering how well this works and how much better it is for me.

This recipe makes enough for 2-3 sticks of deodorant or 2 medium jelly jars full. Either save an old stick deodorant container and fill it with this recipe or you can purchase new on Amazon. If you don’t have either just put it in a container with a lid and use your fingers to apply it. It will go on in a light grayish color but I haven’t found it to stain any clothing so far. (I don’t wear anything fancy or expensive so if you do make sure you test it in a spot on the garment that it wont be noticed).

Once you pour it into the empty container give it overnight to set up and become firm like stick deodorant. You can add any essential oils that you’d like. I picked lavender for the soothing effect and tea tree for its antibacterial properties. I figured that combination was best for fighting any body odor. 


Melt coconut oil, add arrowroot, DE, and zinc mix together with a spoon add essential oils while mixing. Mixture should be the consistency of a stiff cookie batter and will firm up as the coconut oil cools down and becomes a solid again. Let firm up overnight and use as you would any solid deodorant. 

One of the best things I like about this recipe is it washes off from under my arms. I dont know about you but store bought deodorant seems like it’s impossible to get completely off no matter how much scrubbing I do. It just remains gummy and if that’s the case how good can it be with all those chemicals left behind? 

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  1. Have been using natural deodorant for years buy it online from a friend.
    It smells so good! Would not go back to regular deodorant again!

    1. Anita, do you have a link to the one you buy? I enjoy making my own but it might be nice to try others and see what’s different about them.

  2. so glad you are on the mend

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