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DIY Backyard Fire Pit


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Wow I just realized I’d never shared with you our fire pit area once it was finished. How in the heck did I over look that I’ll never know, but I did, and I’m back with a quick slide show of how it turned out. I love that I have a vision and hubby always makes it happen. I shared with him a quick sketch on a piece of scrap paper, he took a look and said sure I can do that. I was so excited to get the project done, I’ve been staring at an ugly back yard for too many years and it was time to make it presentable. 

I knew the area where we would sit would need to be quite large in order to be back far enough away from the fire to not get overly hot so hubby and I used a stake and string and scratched a circle into the earth (we were like a human protractor at work). After that was done hubby added the pavers around the edge to make the outside ring of where the fire pit area would stop. Added drain tile and underground piping to house the electrical that will go to the shed build.

He then added Geotech fabric (we used this on environmental sites it will keep the weeds out and also be drainage) on the ground and topped it with 1″ crushed stone (this is the area where the chairs will be). Then the 36″ fire pit was added and paving stone placed around it to give it a finished look.

I know it all sounds pretty simple but hubby had to move dirt to make everything level along with several other things he did to make it perfect. I was all about just throw it together but he wanted it perfect so I patiently waited for him to get things just the way he liked them and now I’m glad I did, it turned out just the way I wanted and I’m very happy with it all.

I just decorated the area for Christmas and I’ll be back soon to show you how it looks but for now make sure you click the photos below to see the whole process of the backyard transformation.  We built a retainer wall, poured stamped concrete, painted the basement walls and door, added trim to windows, built furniture, added an outdoor tv area and lastly the fire pit. 

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  1. Kathleen G says:

    You have a fantastic husband who wants to make sure everything is properly built from the ground up. Your backyard is looking beautiful Dawn:). Enjoy the fire pit!
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, yes he want’s it all done correctly so it last forever. I glad he’s that way but sometimes I just want it over with, lol.

  2. I love everything, Dawn!! You two make a great team. I have the same brown chairs​ and find them easy to work with through all seasons. I hope to replace with​ real Adirondack chairs, but the price can’t be beat.

    1. Jen my son made me the real cedar Adirondack chairs but we use them on the front porch. They are heavy and way to heavy for me to carry back and forth so I opted for the plastic variety. I can move them and stack them under the deck in the winter months.

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