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DIY Custom Carpet Runner


Christmas Kitchen in a Log Home Using Red & White Gingham, Plaid, Pinecones, and Wood Decorations

I get asked quite often where I find the carpet runners I use in our kitchen, the Christmas one most often. Well I have a little confession; I seldom find a runner that’s the right size or the right look I’m going for so I create my own.

DIY Custom Carpet Runner

Any time I stumble across a throw rug I like I pick up two or three depending on their size just for the purpose of DIY runner making. Making your own is much cheaper than buying one and when I do it myself I can take it apart and use it in other places in the cabin.

What’s the secret way I make my own you ask? Duck Tape, yep that’s right if you can’t fix it or make it with Duck Tape, a Bungee Cord, or Zip Tie this girls out. So here’s what I do: I lay end to end the amount of throw rugs needed to make the runner of my size, flip them over too the wrong side, and Duck Tape the seams together.

How to Create A Custom Carpet Runner

Easy-peasy or what? And did I mention cheap? I made the Christmas runner for $12, the black and white farmhouse runner for $20, and the green striped for $12. I’ve even thrown them in the washing machine still taped together and they hold up just fine, no need to retape.

How to Create a DIY Carpet Runner, Customize it to fit the style and size you want for your home.

Here’s another tip: I store all my rug runners by rolling them up like a log and tie a strand of string around the middle to hold them tight. When I’m done using one I wash it and then store it away, making for a fresh rug when I’m ready to use it again.

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  1. Dawn,
    my goodness , what a genius idea.
    Runners are usually so expensive and your idea allows more frequent changes in our decor.
    i just love the pics of your kitchen too — beautiful .
    Have a lovely peaceful Thanksgiving .

    1. Kathy, you are so right you can change it up more often when it’s not a big expense. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving also.

  2. Paula Bradshaw says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I was so attracted to your Christmas rug, I had to read your article. It is a genius idea! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. Paula I purchased the Christmas throw rugs at Big Lots if that helps, you may be able to find them right now.

  3. Mind blown!!!! Wow!!! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing, I’m going to do this from now on!

    1. Kelly, I just love it when a brilliant idea works out! Hubby normally gives my brilliant ideas the big eye roll but this ones a keeper for sure.

  4. Well girl..you are just a genius! lol! I too…love your Christmas runner!! On another note…I wonder if this would work for table runners? Here is my problem….because our kitchen is so narrow…we have a round table…it can open larger when needed. Most table runners I find…and love…are 72″ long! Way too long for my round table! Even 4 placemats are too big…I’m thinking maybe 2-3 placemats duck taped together might be the solution. I’m definitely going to try…and will let you know.

    1. Charlotte, Yes doing it with placemat would work out perfectly. I think you’re on to something, LOL.

  5. I love this idea. I’ve been struggling to find the right rug for my kitchen with out spending a fortune for one. Your kitchen is so cozy!

    1. Catherine do it for sure you’ll be amazed how cheap you can get what you want.

  6. Laura Harrie says:

    Dawn, I never knew this duct tape secret, amazing. Boy do I have ideas for some wonderful new throw rugs thanks to you!

    1. Laura yes it works like a charm and stays in place. It’s even quite a chore to unstick them when I’m ready, lol.

  7. Chris Ann says:

    Do you air dry the rugs? I don’t think the duct tape would hold up in my dry unless on low heat…
    What is your tip on finding rugs so inexpensive? It is hard these days to even find a used throw rug for under $10.00 at a thrift store and some of those are worn…

    1. Chris, I do air dry them over a old Amish drying rack. I agree the dryer may not be good with the tape, you’d probably have a big sticky mess in the dryer. I find mine at Menards, Big Lots and Walmart if that helps. Sometimes you have to see the possibility in the cheaper rugs and make them work.

  8. Chris Ann says:

    Thank you so much…

  9. Shari Hewitt says:

    Where are you finding the rugs so inexpensively?

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