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DIY Custom Copper Mouse Pad

DIY Custom Mouse Pad Tutorial Using a Canvas Panel and Paint

After posting my Home Office Reveal I discovered a mouse doesn’t glide properly on a wire shelf, so today I’m going to share with you my easy, no brainer, no talent needed, DIY Copper Mouse Pad.

DIY Custom Mouse Pad Tutorial Using a Canvas Panel and Paint

It’s funny I didn’t notice the lack of function until I went to use the business computer and as a quick fix I placed a piece of cardboard under the mouse. Well not only was it ugly, it was really ugly and just wouldn’t do with my new office look.

DIY Custom Mouse Pad Tutorial Using a Canvas Panel and Paint
The next day I was out shopping and decided to look for a mouse pad and all I could find was pads that were a flimsy piece of rubber. I knew that wouldn’t work I needed something sturdy. I remember back in the day when they were more substantial but that’s been many moons ago I guess.

DIY Custom Mouse Pad Tutorial Using a Canvas Panel and Paint

So the wheels started turning and I went scrounging around my craft supplies. I found 3 – 8X10 Canvas Panels that were super thin and super sturdy so that was my starting point and to get a look that matched the office décor I used paint in the same color family.

How To Make A Custom Mouse Pad

First I gave the Canvas Panels a coat of my new favorite spray paint color, copper. Mind you it was snowing outside so I darted out on the covered deck, gave them a spray, and dashed back inside to let them dry. This paint is amazing not only does it dry super fast in most cases you only need one coat.

DIY Mouse Pad Steps

Next I found a fat pencil and used the eraser to make the random black dots on the canvas and once they dried I repeated the same using turquoise,  to give it a little pizzazz I drew squiggly lines around the circles with a white paint pen.

I told you it was a no talent needed project. Some other ideas would be to cover the canvas with fabric, kids art, magazine pages, or scrapbook paper using spray adhesive or Mod Podge. The ideas are endless!

Material List

Canvas Panels, Copper Spray Paint, Black Paint, Turquoise Paint, Large Pencil, White Paint Pen



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  1. Oh, how stinkin’ cute! I can see you rushing out in the snow to get the pad painted! I have been reading really good things about the Rustoleum metallic spray paints so I’ll have to give them a try. Somehow I missed your office redo so I’m off to check it out!

    1. Jane I love this paint and have several other projects coming up that I’ve used it on. I can’t believe how real it looks with great shine.

    1. Thank you Shirley Im not sure anyone even uses mousepads anymore but it was a must in this circumstance.

  2. Due to hand issues, I am not able to use the tracker on my laptop and now have a mouse plugged in. Our old barn wood dining table is uneven so I need to make a mousepad. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Carol Im not a laptop kind of gal so I’ve always used a mouse but never a mouse pad, but I was having the same issues as you an uneven surface. I was thinking I could even stand the mousepad up on a tiny easels and call it artwork, lol.

  3. Too cool miss creative cabin!!! Lol. Such a good idea.. Love the magnifying glass key!!! I bought a can of metallic spray a little while back… Going to repaint a lamp that was my mother’s.. Sure hope it turns out. Love your blog !!!!

    1. Melissa I have a lamp to paint too, lol. Great minds think alike. You will love the paint it goes on with great coverage and really looks like metal when it’s dry.

  4. cheryl Major says:

    That is too cleaver and cute for words. I just love quick and easy solutions !

    1. Cheryl I also love it when it’s inexpensive 🙂

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