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DIY Entryway Table From Salvaged Items

DIY Entryway Table Made Using Salvaged Table Legs And an Old Farmhouse SignThis DIY Entryway Table has been on my to do list for quite some time, I’d been waiting for it to cool down so I could haul my miter saw outside and get busy making it.  I wanted it to have that farmhouse feel, and decided I’d use salvaged items to construct it. 

Parts Needed to Build an Skinny Entryway TableI had the table legs from a smaller farmhouse table I once owned. I was carrying it outside to use on the porch a few years back and tripped (I’m a klutz) and when I did the table broke my fall but I broke the table top. I don’t know why but I decided to keep the legs and now I’m glad I did. For the top I used a farmhouse sign I’d made but never used its says “hill of beans”, so all I needed was to build a box to support the legs and top all together. Simple DIY! 

Old Farmhouse Style Window and Wreath

While garage saleing with my bestie she scored 8 of these old farmhouse window (in perfect condition I might add) for $1 each and she was kind enough to gift me 2 of them. Once I had it up along with the wreath I felt like it needed something else underneath the window to anchor it all, and the skinny entryway table was just what it needed. 

DIY Entryway Table Made Using Salvaged Table Legs And an Old Farmhouse SignHere is how it normally looks, we place our shoes on a shoe rack underneath the table. Correction I put the shoes on the rack my hubby kicks them off in a heap somewhat near the rack. It always makes me happy when I can do a project and not have to go to the lumber yard for materials. The green legs are Annie Sloan Antibes Green which I’m planning on painting a different color once I get around to it. I’ll still be using a green but it has more of a drab tone to it. 

Entryway Table Made From Salvaged ItemsI only added a few things to the top, a bowl of apples a tobacco basket and a wire rack filled with mason jars, I didn’t want to add to many things in fear my family would bump the table and knock everything off it. I didn’t need to get up to a mess in the entryway, that’s for sure. 



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  1. It’s so adorable, Dawn – I just love it!! How you’ve accessorized it is just perfect. You’re a real inspiration to me.

  2. Debbie Lorson says:

    Darling table and cute old window too. I would like to ask you some questions about Michigan. Thinking about travelling to either the Grand Haven area or Traverse City. Have you been to either and any and all recommendations would be appreciated. I have been to Grand Rapids 40 years ago in the winter. We then went to Traverse City to ski. Only spent part of an evening in Traverse City. Thanks for your help.

  3. Oh that is really cute!

    1. Thanks Nancy it fits well into narrow spaces.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Very cool table Dawn. You have the best ideas.

  5. Very smart idea! I think the green looks awesome against your rustic walls! Looks very farmhouse & brightens your entryway.

    1. Thanks Teresa there’s nothing better than a free project.

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