DIY Extra Large Dog Bed

DIY Extra Large Dog Bed, No Tools Required, No Sewing Required, All You'll Need is a Crib Matress and Crib SheetAll throughout the Christmas shopping season I was on the hunt for an extra large dog bed to replace the one our pooch already had. I assumed her’s was becoming uncomfortable because she didn’t seem to sleep in one spot too long before she’d get up and rotate to another area of the bed before flopping down again (she’s not graceful anymore she actually flops). Most of the beds I could find were very thin, more like sheepskin with a little batting in-between and I knew that wouldn’t be enough padding for her. After looking everywhere and finding nothing that was thick, comfortable, and in my price range I decided to make my own. Most online sources sell XL dog beds for around $200, which I thought was extremely overpriced. 

DIY Extra Large Dog Bed, No Tools Required, No Sewing Required, All You'll Need is a Crib Matress and Crib SheetI went to Wally World and purchased a 4″ memory foam crib matress (Wally World had the best price I could find $40) and a flannel crib sheet ($10). Voile’ an Extra Large Dog Bed!! It couldn’t get any easier, and I can change out the sheet to match our decor and it’s easy to pop off and throw into the wash. Our girl couldn’t be happier, she actually sleeps through the night again without twisting and turning trying to get comfortable. I think for an aging dog comfort is a must and the thick memory foam does the trick. 

DIY Extra Large Dog Bed, No Tools Required, No Sewing Required, All You'll Need is a Crib Matress and Crib SheetSo for $50 she has a new bed. If you want to make one of your own you could even shop a thrift store for the matress and sheet or find a friend that has a baby that’s outgrown the crib and take the matress off her hands. If you purchase the one I have listed it comes in a box rolled up tight and the matress needs 24 hours to warm up and pop into shape. It looks so thin when it first arrives but believe me it will take shape and turn into a 4″ thick bed, just give it a little time. 

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  1. And dogs love having their own beds. So much nicer than a cold hard floor in the wintertime. I just purchased new beds for our dogs last week, but when they wear out I’ll use your advice. xo

    1. Diane ours used to sleep in bed with us but she can no longer make the jump so she has to have one of her own now.

  2. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Dawn, I thought maybe a small mattress, but a crib memory foam mattress and not a regular mattress? wow! 50 dollars for a good night sleep for your beautiful shepard:). Good deal, honestly pet products can be over priced.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I couldn’t believe the prices when I started shopping. Who pays that?

  3. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn , that is too cool. We no longer have our Bernese Mountain dog with us however , I wish I would have thought of that !

    1. Cheryl I think this will actually last longer than a true dog bed too.

  4. Great idea. She does look comfortable.

    1. Becky it’s so much nicer for her. Old dogs just need a little more comfort I guess.

  5. That photo of your dog on her new bed with the toy in her mouth is adorable! Our Lucy does not have her own bed. We purchased a nice one for her a few years ago, but she will not lie down on it. There must be something about it that she doesn’t like because she tries to hump it even though she is a female! Your idea of using a foam mattress is such a good one that we’ll have to try that!

    1. Jane our dog is always carrying a baby (as we call it) she has several and knows them all by name. She even carries one outside when she uses the bathroom. She’s just like a kid with a blanket.

    1. Shirley, yes the dog is loving her new bed and I’m glad I found a way to keep her comfy.

  6. What a “brilliant” and resourceful idea! You’re right, some pet products are highly overpriced! I’m going to share this with several of my friends that have large dogs…

    1. Julie, thank you for sharing it’s a much cheaper way to get a much better quality bed for them too.

  7. I have a Seally Cool Sense 5 inch soy gel/memory foam crib bed for my 75 lb golden doodle I got $120 from Target.

    1. Mary, I bet the pooch loves it. My dog loves hers and since she’s getting old I think she needs a comfortable one.

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