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DIY Felt Owl Hand Warmers

Felt Owl Handwarmers

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Hoot, my new felt owl hand warmers, aren’t they adorable?  I have a Pinterest addiction and found them one day while pinning and couldn’t wait to make a set. This has to the be cheapest, easiest project to do and would make the funnest stocking stuffers for Christmas. I showed them to my friend Em and she thought they were cute as ever too, so off we ran to JoAnn’s to get some felt. I had the yarn and the rice so we spend a couple of dollars and headed home to get started. We had a great time cutting, stitching, and just commenting on how darling they were. Em was making several sets to use as stocking stuffers for her college friends and I was helping her get them all assembled. These are the perfect size to hold in your hand or stuff into a coat pocket. I have used mine every day since I made them and just love them, they even make me smile just by looking at them.


You can find the pattern and instructions here (Sarah: Repeat Crafter Me). I did learn from experience to add a touch of dried lavender to the rice mix, it makes for a more pleasing smell when you heat them in the microwave. Rice alone seems to have a burnt popcorn odor so the lavender helps with that. 


Felt Owl Hand Warmers


I have several other felt craft projects I want to make once Christmas winds down and if you want to have a look at my Pinterest Craft Board you can see it here. You can have a little sneak peak at the things on my to-do-list.



DIY Felt Owl Hand Warmers





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  1. I love these! I so enjoy handwork but rarely take the time to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Ann, I never do either but this was fun and didn’t take to long. I did them while watching Dr. Phil.

  2. The little owl hand warmers turned out wonderful. I’m a follower of Repeat Crafter Me and all her fabulous ideas. I’m not really a Pinterest person, and have only just started following a few boards … just added yours.
    We had a sprinkling of snow overnight … just enough to freshen up everything and make it white.

    1. Linda when I have time I am going to look through her site some more. Yes we have snow and it looks like about another 5 inches coming today.

  3. Very Sweet Dawn. These would make great gifts for out at the football games.

    1. Kris, yes they would and I could sell tons of them when people get cold. lol

    1. I know right? Great for anyone who loves the owl theme.

    1. Shirley thank you, I had great fun piecing them together.

    1. Thanks Olive, they are adorable and Merry Christmas to you too:)

  4. Perfect…..I plan to make some to have at our cabin.
    Happy Day

    1. Teresa a friend just recommended using flax seed instead of rice saying it holds the heat longer. I think I am going to give it a try, and though I would pass that info on to you.

  5. What a nice idea! A small DIY project I will definitely try in the winter.

    Love, Inge

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