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DIY Garden Shed Sign

Garden Shed Exterior Decor and Landscaping

It seems like summer is on it’s way out; the Maple trees leaves are already starting to change color, the nights are cooling down to the point I’m chilly at times, the baby birds have all learned to fly and left the nest, and I still am trying to get my DIY projects knocked out.

Garden Shed Exterior Decor and Landscaping
DIY Garden Shed Sign

This garden sign to hang on the side of the shed was one of my projects. I’m still in a state that’s pretty much locked down so I’m making due with the things I have and trying to get things done. I can get creative when I have too. I used leftover paint from other projects HERE and HERE, scrap wood, the computer printer, and tracing paper, clear sealer, and a black sharpie to make the sign.

DIY Garden Shed Sign

I looked around and wasn’t willing to spend 40 or more dollars for one that looked similar so making one seemed like the cheaper approach but certainly not the easier. I ended up having $5 into making one myself.

DIY Garden Shed Sign
DIY Garden Shed Sign

It was super easy to do. I printed the letters or words out on computer paper, tape it to the freshly painted board, trace with tracing paper, and paint. My trick to getting the crisp black line around the letters is a permanent black sharpie. I outline everything once I have it painted. I cleans up the edges and makes the letters pop. And spray or roll on a clear sealer to make it weather proof.

Garden Shed Exterior Decor and Landscaping

With some chain I hung it from the rafters of the shed. It’s been there for over a year now and still looks as good as the day I did it. Now the grass that’s not looking so hot. It’s in a very sandy area and doesn’t grow well. It’s also a hard place to mow, my mower wants to slide down the hill and I end up getting stuck up agains the rocks and have to call my son to pull me out with the quad. This has happened more than once time but I don’t know what to do. I either have to kill the grass so I don’t have to mow it or take the change of getting stuck. I wish I could come up with a better solution, (any ideas?)

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  1. I love your garden shed. It’s so pretty. Lucky you on the temperature changing already.Were still in the high 90s here in Georgia. I cant wait for fall. We were lucky this year summer didn’t get really hot until beginning of July. Have a great day.

    1. Judy 90’s are too hot for me. When it’s that hot here it’s always humid and that makes it worse. It’s starting to look like fall around here with the Maple trees changing, it wont be long now.

  2. I like the sign and the whole vignette along the wall.

    Like you I have to use what I have and I’m enjoying the challenge.

    1. Carol, it’s much more satisfying using what I have and not spending any money. We are still on lock down here in Michigan so I’ve avoided stores for months and have managed to make due.

  3. Grace Thomas says:

    too big an area to weed whack? Always look forward to your posts. you’re so clever.

    1. Grace, I hate to weed wack the last time I did I almost lost an eye so I avoid it at all cost. I guess it is what it is so It will have to stay as is.

  4. I love garden signs, have lots of them throughout the garden. I have the exact same bench as you do, it has seen better days but is good for displaying items on.

    1. Linda my bench was a freebie so it’s the perfect thing to use as garden art. It is so heavy, cast iron, so It stays put and is never used but looks nice against the shed.

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