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DIY Painted Glass Vase

DIY Painted Glass Vase | CreativeCainCabin.comI was on the search for some new vases…..actually vases in general, I don’t have many and I was wanting some to coordinate with my homes decor. After searching the internet and finding they run about $70 each for what I wanted I decided to come up with a way to make them myself. With one trip to the Dollar Store I had my plan of action and went home to get started. 

DIY Painted Glass Vases | Use Dollar Store Vases to Get the Look | CreativeCainCabin.comI rummaged through my paint stash to find the colors I needed. The only new color I picked up while shopping was the coral, it’s something new I’m incorporating into my color scheme. 

DIY Painted Glass Vases | Use Dollar Store Vases to Get the Look | CreativeCainCabin.comNow here’s how easy it is to create custom colored vases….just spray, let dry, and use.  I sprayed the paint on the outside of the vase, I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up if I did the inside once water was in the vase. I knew I could be gentle and wash them by hand if the paint was on the outside. Each vase took about 3 coats of paint to cover completely and get the look I was going for. 

DIY Painted Glass Vases | Use Dollar Store Vases to Get the Look | CreativeCainCabin.com

FIY:  I used high gloss paint so the vases reflected light, and I also learned I like the Krylon brand over any of the others. I’ll have to remember that for future projects. I tend to grab the colors I like not always in the same brand.

DIY Painted Glass Vases | Use Dollar Store Vases to Get the Look | CreativeCainCabin.comBy the way if you decided to make some of your own they don’t have to be used for flowers. I think they’d look great in an office filled with colorful pencils and pens, or in a studio used for art brushes and watercolor pencils. I do recommend if you like them grouped together make sure you get several different sizes and shapes, they look better next to each other when they’re not all the same. 

DIY Painted Glass Vases | Use Dollar Store Vases to Get the Look | CreativeCainCabin.comI lucked out and got all the roses at our local grocery store for $4. Now where can you get 36 roses for $4? Just another reason to love small town living.

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  1. These turned out amazing and how fun to have something new! I need to use spray paint more often. 🙂

    1. Ann, for the price they turned out great and I’ve used them in several different ways.

  2. You know I am all about the spray paint Dawn! I absolutely LOVE these vases and the colors are gorgeous. Great steal on the roses too!

    1. Debbie, I know the roses were an amazing price I couldn’t pass them up.

      1. I spray painted some glass light shades left them outside over night to dry and with due all the paint came off I wanted to have silver balls in my garden can you give me any advice thankyou Lilly in Australia

        1. Lilly they make a mirror ball spray paint I’d try that.

      2. Vivian Pearson says:

        I have several sizes vases and spray cans of paint.

  3. They turned out so well, they don’t actually look painted but look ceramic – AND THE ROSES, gorgeous and what a price!!!

    1. Barbara, thank you “) I think the high gloss paint is the trick. I tried with with a satin finish and it didn’t look good at all.

    1. Annette, I popped over and checked yours out. How does the paint hold up being on the inside if you fill it with water?

      1. Haven’t tried putting water in the vases I think I would have to put a protective coat inside. I only place artificial plants and flowers in them currently.

    1. Thanks Judy 🙂 they look spring like now.

  4. I have so many of those vases laying around I do have to try this, yours look wonderful and so do the roses!

    1. Thanks Rondell, it’s so easy and inexpensive to do and gives them a whole new look.

  5. I am now giving myself a head slap for all of the glass vases I have taken to Goodwill. Guess I will be looking for some more. xo Laura

    1. Laura, that would be a great place to pick them up at again. Just think you could buy them back 🙁

  6. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    So pretty Dawn..I can get nice glass vases at thrift shops here for .25 – .50…

    1. Nancy that’s an even better price. Next time I will check there.

  7. Hi Dawn,
    These are really cute and so pretty. Love the colors so spring like. So right these would be so cute on a desk with pencils etc.
    Great re love of these dollar store vases.

    1. Kris, I never shop at the Dollar Store but decided to give them a try, and so glad I did.

    1. Jane, I bet you can find several things to paint, you could make painted vases for your garden table.

  8. Kathleen G says:

    Pretty colored vases and thank you for the advice of using Krylon spray paint in high gloss. I’ve used that brand and like the results too. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, I tried several brands and by far Krylon is the best coverage and gives it that high gloss shine I was looking for.

      1. Hi,

        These look great, but I’m struggling to find Krylon spray paint in the UK – did you have a second best recommendation?

        Many thanks,

        1. Lindsay that is my favorite. I think you can use any brand it just may need more coats.

  9. I love the happy colors you used. These vases had quite the upcycle! I have a couple of pitchers (decoration only) that I should give a little spritz of paint to. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Yvonne, you should give them a coat of paint, it is amazing how different they look.

  10. I love the colors and love how they shine so beautifully….Wow..cannot believe you bought all those roses for $4.00 !! Such a wonderful statement when you group those gorgeous colors together!

    1. Shirley, thanks for stopping in, and yes the flowers were quite a bargain. Im sure they were leftover from Valentines day but so far they are holding up beautifully and I couldn’t pass up that price.

  11. Beckie Lawrence says:

    Can you tell us exactly what color each of those paints pictured is?

    1. Beckie, the colors are in order that you see the paint cans: Coral Isle, Apple Red, Blossom White, Warm Yellow, Blue Ocean Breeze 🙂

  12. Cheryl Major says:

    What a nice and inexpensive way to add a pop of colour to any room. Thanks !!

    1. Cheryl, it also makes for a good way to recycle those ugly vases and regift them filled with flowers.

  13. It’s a nice gift idea! I will make someone very happy with this!

  14. Tara Coppola says:

    Love these! Your new coral color is stunning. One question: Whenever I spraypaint anything curvy, the spray paint seems to glop and drip. And tips for avoiding this??

    1. Tara stay 12 inches away and do several light coats. Don’t try and get coverage with the first application.

  15. I just tried this and the paint left all sorts of drips. I thought I applied it according to the instructions on the can. What can I do to avoid drippy runny marks?

    1. Make sure you stand at least 12-16 inches from the object and spray in very light coats. If you apply it to heavy you will get drips. Just take your time.

  16. Tara Anne says:

    Hi Dawn! These are so beautiful and so well put together. One question, though. Every time I try to spray paint something round or tubular, like a garbage can or lamp, I get so many drips! I know you’re supposed to push the spray paint button lightly and numerous times. But any tips on when it starts dripping?? Thanks!

    1. Tara just stand back about 18 inches and spray in strokes from side to side and use a good quality spray paint.

  17. Tara Anne says:

    Thanks so much, Dawn, I so look forward to trying this!

  18. Dear Dawn,
    Those vases turned out perfectly! It states that you only spray painted the inside of those vases, but, then I noticed that the top lip, and under, on the outside were painted nicely also.
    My question is, did you paint just the inside or both inside and out?
    Thank you so, so much.

  19. Oh my gooɗness! Amazing article dude! Many thanks, However Ӏ am hаving troubles with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anybody having identical RSS problems?

    Anyone that knows the solution ϲan you kindly respond?

  20. Hi Dawn
    I will be undertaking the job of painting wine bottles for my daughters wedding. I can only hope they turn out half as good as your vases.
    I’ve read were you can bake the glassware to make the paint more durable.
    Place dry painted glassware in cake pan lined with aluminum foil. Place in a 350 preheated oven on lowest rack. Bake 20 min. Cool before removing from pan.

    1. Mary, thanks for that tip I’d never heard of baking it before. Good to know!

  21. I used spray paint for a wine bottle project and had large drip areas when i was done. How did you get your vases to be smooth all around?

    1. Allison the trick is to stay back at least 12 inches and do several light coats, don’t try and cover the piece all in one application.

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