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DIY Industrial Farmhouse Paper Towel Holder


DIY Industrial Farmhouse Paper Towel Holder Using Fittings From The Hardware StoreI was tired of our countertop paper towel holder so I started looking for something new, only to find the perfect one on Amazon for $15. I showed hubby and he said it could be made cheaper than that and he probably haD what I needed in the barn (AKA our very own big box hardware store). 

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Paper Towel Holder Using Fittings From The Hardware StoreHe was right, sure enough it could be made for almost half that price. If I’d purchased everything the total was $8, but luckily hubby had most everything in his stash. All that had to be done was assembling and my son did that for me after seeing the parts hanging around on the kitchen counter.

I decided to put it up myself, which was the hardest part in my opinion. First I had to make sure I was using screws short enough to not go through the bottom of the cabinet into the inside cupboard portion. I used 1/2 inch wood screws but it you do this make sure and measure the thickness of your cupboard. Mine are custom made and much thicker than what you can purchase from a store, so you may need shorter screws. 

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Paper Towel Holder Using Fittings From The Hardware StoreDo you think I could hold that darn paper towel holder up with one hand, the drill with the other and get the screw where it should be? A big fat NOPE…..Well if you know me I’m not one to be defeated so after several tries of dropping the screws onto the counter and stove top I decided to get smart.

I cleared the countertop, sat on it and put my feet into the sink and my head on the stove, all while on my back. That did the trick I was then able to get it up without difficulty. I looked a little crazy but I got the job done and I like it so much better than one on the countertop. I’s now up out of my way!

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  1. Love the paper towel holder and it is perfect for your cabin style home too! I think someone could also attach it on both ends beneath an upper laundry room cabinet and use it for hanging clothes on too! I am thinking of numerous usage spaces… perhaps my husband’s work room in the basement? It’s a great idea, Dawn! THANKS!

    1. Diane those are some fantastic ideas, you have my wheels turning too now.

  2. Way to problem solve, Dawn! I love how it became a family project. I really like how it looks and Diane has some good idea for it, too.

  3. Love that your barn is the “big box store”! Great project, so much cooler than the cumbersome tabletop versions.

    1. Lisa I think we have one of everything in our barn, if you can find it that’s even better. LOL Hubbies organizational skills are a little lacking, so he normally has to dig to find what I need, but he does find it I have to give him credit. He knows what’s out there LOL

  4. Determination! Made me snicker.

    Love the industrial look.

    1. Jeannie if there’s a way I’ll find it. LOL

  5. A little too modern for me but a great idea. Where do I buy your butter CONTAINER?
    Best I have seen! ❤❤
    Love your newsletter as well.

  6. Christine says:

    Love this paper towel holder idea, but the 10 in threaded pipe is too short for a paper towel roll. Need at least a 12in.

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