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DIY Reusable Rice Hand Warmers For Mittens

DIY Reusable Rice Hand Warmers

It’s Winter here in Michigan and with that comes blustery snow, icy roads, power outages, and for me cold hands. I walk between 2-6 miles every day and the only part of me that consistently gets cold is my hands. 

DIY Reusable Rice Hand Warmers
Felt Owl Handwarmers

Several years ago I made these DIY Rice Hand Warmers and I thought I’d do an updated version of them for this season. You can see the old pattern thats an owl here. With scraps of flannel in hand I got to work.

DIY Reusable Rice Hand Warmers

I’ve been a downhill skier and snowmobiler over the years and I’ve tried every glove and mitten on the market that swear to keeping my hands warm, and they all fail. I’m sure for most they work but not for me.

I started this year out searching to buy hopefully a pair of mittens that will keep my hands warm. And then I said to myself quit searching and just make what works. So out came the sewing machine and I stitched up these flannel hand warmers to drop into my mittens while I walk.

These are reusable and can be reheated time and time again. I just pop them into the microwave, heat them up, drop them into my mittens, and off I go. I’ve found even if they start to cool down my hands are already toasty warm and they seem to stay that way. I’ve even had to take off my mittens at times. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. craps of flannel, enough to cut out two 4”X4” squares. You can use different patterns on each side if you wish.

2. Scissors or rotary cutter for fabric.

3. Sewing machine or needle and thread.

4. Rice

5. Funnel

Cut out 2- 4×4” squares of flannel, you’ll need 4 for a complete set of warmers.

Sew 2 with right sides together with 1/4” seam allowance. If you’d like the frayed edge look sew with wrong sides together. Leave a small opening on one side, this is where you’ll add the rice.

I found it takes just about 1/2 C of rice per warmer. 

Place funnel into the opening and fill with rice.

Stitch either by and or machine the opening shut. 

DIY Reusable Rice Hand Warmers

To use:

Heat in the microwave 30 seconds at a time to determine how long you need to warm the rice. Each microwave is different so adjust accordingly. If you smell popcorn burning the rice is getting too hot, remove immediately.


Use only 100% cotton fabric. Synthetic fabric will melt in the microwave if overheated.

DIY Reusable Rice Hand Warmers

Now drop them into your mittens and enjoy. By the way, I’ve also been know to just heat them and rest my hands on them as I read a book. I’m sure you’ll find ways they work for you best. Enjoy!

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  1. I used to make these for my grandkids and they were wonderful. I walk inside on a treadmill on most days in the winter. We have about the same weather in WI as you do in MI.
    Have a wonderful 2022, Dawn.

    1. Diane, I just purchased a cheap treadmill to use inside and I’ve used it the past 2 days. Our road is so slippery I almost fell 4 times on my last walk and need a chiropractor afterwards so on slippery days I’ll stay on my treadmill.

    1. Jeanie, they work so well and I love the flannel feel agains my fingers as I walk.

  2. I Just love your fabric, I make long rice bags to use around ones neck. Works perfectly.

    1. Debbie, I need one form my neck, that sounds heavenly on a cold day. The fabric was from JoAnne’s 🙂

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