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DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder


DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder

Do you have Baltimore Oriole’s in your neck of the woods? Every year right around Mothers Day the humming birds and Oriole return to feed on the sweet nectar of flowers, and fruit. I’ve never had an Oriole feeder but after sitting on the deck watching them try and feed from the humming bird feeder I decided I needed to feed them.

DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder

I’ve been so good over the last few years of using what I have, making due, and repurposing. So I started thinking where was I going to get an Oriole feeder. I certainly wasn’t going to go to the store and buy one so I decided to poke around in hubby’s scrap metal heap for some good stuff to make my own feeder.

DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder

For those of you who don’t know we own our own business and there seems to always be one of everything in our storage barn or in the scrap pile behind it. While I was mowing I was giving the scrap heap a good looking over and decided once the mowing was done I going in after some stuff.

DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder

I found two rusty old fittings, the round thing with the hole in the center and decided they’d make a good base for my feeder; so off to the cabin I went with my treasures. I started poking around through my dishes to see what would fit inside the center cut out. Everything I tried just looked out of place, since all my dishes are white. Then all of a sudden the light bulb came on and I thought why not use a terra cotta saucer.

DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder

Well wouldn’t you know it I had one that was just the right size and fit perfectly? I even figured It could be run through the dishwasher from time to time to clean it.  All I needed now was a way to hang it. I found a roll of twine but thought to myself it probably wasn’t sturdy enough to support the metal fitting, which is pretty heavy by the way.

DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder

I asked hubby if he had any wire and he said yes some stainless steal wire in the basement. What, I don’t want anything shiny give me something rustic. So he scrounged around and found some rusty wire for me to use. Now that’s better and fits the look I’m going for. It only took a few minutes to put it all together and the birds were hot on feeding from it.

DIY Rustic Junk Oriole Feeder

I put a fresh orange out for them everyday and did pick up some grape jelly to feed them when I’m not able to get to the store for oranges. It’s so interesting to sit and what them, and boy are they noisy. I had no idea Orioles were so feisty; especially the males and they sure make a racket when they get to chattering. I’m quite happy with my new rustic feeder and I may just make a duplicate to hang from the other side of the porch!

TO MY REGULAR READERS: ANYTHING YOU SEE IN THE GREEN BOXES WILL BE MY DAILY UPDATE DURING THE VIRUS! Please leave a comment and fill me in on what you’re doing. God Bless you all!

Sunday May 17: It’s been a downpour all-night and continued the entire day. My empty nester depression is setting in and not being able to go outside and do anything didn’t help matters. I did feed and water the chickens twice but other than that I sat in my chair and cried. I sure pray this doesn’t last long; I’m not sure how long I can take it.

Monday May 18: Another rainy all day downpours and everything in Michigan is flooded. I’m going to need a boat if this keeps up. All the doom and gloom didn’t do much for my attitude. I’m still not handling the empty nest thing well and it’s hard to stay busy when I’m cooped up indoors all day. I did get out and pick up a few things from the grocery store and made burritos for dinner, but other than that I sulked all day 🙂

Tuesday May 19: Another rainy depressing day. I managed to get two load of laundry on the line but just about the time they’d dried another bought of rain came through. I eventually gave up and threw them in the dryer to finish them off. I did take a walk around our property to see how high the pond is from all the rain and I discovered an apple tree in blossom that sprouted up randomly. That was a happy surprise.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear your so sad. I’m sure the virus and all the rain your getting is not helping. It’s always hard with changes but this to will pass. Look at the bright side less cooking and cleaning. Know that you did a good job raising your son and he is capable of going out into the world with his wife. I have a friend at church both her boys are in their early 50s still living at home. She wishes they would go. She has never had anytime alone with her husband. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I know it can be so hard. We just love our children so much.

  2. I love your Oriole feeder! Rustic and repurposed is my thing too. I think I’ll need to go on a scavenger hunt😊 Lots of rain here in Ohio too and chilly today (Wed). I have plants sitting everywhere to get in the ground and garden to plant but it’s way too wet. Your empty-nest syndrome will ease. I felt blue and lost/lonely for a spell after the kids moved out but I soon adjusted. Its gradual so hang in there. Get a dog! Great companions and housemates.

  3. grace thomas says:

    I’ve been thru’ the empty nest syndrome with 2 boys. It does get better (never thought I could say that) and is really nice. It’s back to how we were when we were first married but with more wisdom in our relationship. Hang in there. would love to see some pics of the orioles on your feeders. love your blog btw.

    1. Grace, I do have several pics of the Oriole son the feeder but they’re crappy quality but I’ll add one to today post for you!

  4. I love your posts and the rusty repurpose things, especially the orioles feeder.
    When you talk about hanging out the laundry, always makes me think about when I was a kid and helped Mom hang laundry and take it down. Nothing smells better than laundry dried outdoors in the sun. I would still be hanging my laundry out, but since my husband and I retired we are full time RVers. No clothes line, but beautiful places. Thank you for your posts.

    1. Micki, I’m so glad you like seeing my rusty junk. I agree line dried clothes are the best smelling. Tell me how do you find spots for everything in an RV? My hubby would live in one for sure and I’m always curious how people do it with such little space.

  5. You have inspired me. I think I will hit my husbands shop to see what I can come up with for my little birds. Hope you get to feeling better.

    1. Sharron, good luck junk hunting, I hope you find something!

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