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DIY Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornament

DIY Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornament, Design Template IncludedI’m getting geared up for Christmas by starting on some DIY Christmas Ornaments. Do you remember the log deer my hubby made? Well he had leftover materials from the tree branches and I decided to put them to good use. On a nice warm day I hauled my miter saw outside and made myself several wood disks to make the ornaments from. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to cutting your own, below I’ve left a link for you to purchase them from (no cutting required). 

This ended up being a free project for me. The ribbon was left over from a previous year’s Christmas decor, and I had every color of Sharpie already in my craft stash. I love it when a free project comes together. 

These would make for inexpensive hostess gifts, party favors, or just to hand out to your friends and family. I think kids would love doing this project, they could create any design they wanted on them. Maybe even use them as teachers gifts. 

DIY Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornament, Design Template IncludedHere’s How To Get The Look

  • From the pattern below cut out the design that you want to use. 
  • Cut out a circle the same size as the pattern from the wood transfer paper.
  • Trace the pattern with a pencil onto each side of the wood slice.
  • Remove pattern and transfer paper.
  • Use brown Sharpie to trace over the pattern and fill in the design.

I love how it looks like it was done with a wood burning tool. It’s so easy and I made over 20 of them in one afternoon. Now if you’re an artist you won’t need the pattern at all you can just freehand the design or come up with something altogether different. 

DIY Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornament, Design Template Included


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  1. Too cute to choose a favorite, Dawn. Don’t you just love it when you have everything to do a craft project? These are going to look so nice in your log cabin.

    1. Jen I am so about not spending a ton of money to get a certain look. Its really amazing how many ways I can reuse things and get buy for a season with what I have.

  2. I would like to make these with wood from the scrubby little pine trees that have volunteered in my yard. Do you think this would work with fresh pine wood or do you think they would get too sappy? Is there a way to prevent the sap from oozing out?

    1. Laura I’ve never tried with pine I always use the popular trees that sprout up on our property. If you use pine I would put them in the sun to dry until the sap stops running or use a food dehydrator. I know our logs for our home are pine and as long as you use a sealer the sap doesn’t ooze.

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