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Early Spring Blooms

Blooming LilacsHas anyone else noticed that things are way ahead of schedule for blooming this year? As a rule I can normally set my calendar by when the humming birds return, and the lilacs bloom and that’s always Mother’s Day weekend. But not this year everything is extremely early.  

Blooming DandelionsThe dandelions popped up sooner than usual too. I normally get a few mowings in before they take over the yard, but this year my first mow of the season was already dotted with the little sunny yellow faces. We don’t spray for them, we just let the country grass do what it does, they eventually go to seed and our lawn will be back to just grass in about a month. 

Humming BirdThe humming birds were back 3 weeks early this year. Hubby and I were sitting on the front porch and was quite surprised when we heard their helicopter wings breeze quickly by our heads. Straight away I went inside to mix up a batch of nectar for them. 

Blooming Crab Apple TreeOur flowering Crab Apple tree is blooming with white flowers this year, all years prior to this it’s had pink flowers. Not only did it bloom early the flower color has changed. I have no idea why that would have happened. Any ideas? 

Tree FromAnd my friendly tree frog is back. I did a little research and they can live up to 9 years, and this little one comes every year and lives on our side entrance porch all season long. Out of everything I was most excited to see him back. He’s so darn cute and I love all the green and blue tones in is colorful exterior.  

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  1. Linda St. Laurent says:

    Good Morning! I too live in Michigan and have noticed an earlier arrival of blossoms. Even my perennials are a little ahead of themselves, but are looking green and healthy. I think it’s going to be a glorious summer. Today, is going to be a great day to spend in the garden, so after one more coffee (or two) and finishing your blog, I’ll be heading outside. Enjoy your day!

    1. Linda, I need to clean up a few raised garden beds and get them ready for a cut flower garden. Where I’m at on a hill it’s always so windy which makes it cold most days. I’m hoping for a windless day to do it.

  2. Our weather has been so freaky the last 5 years with the drought and warmer than normal temps that it seems we are behind this year. But if I really think about it we are actually on time for blooming. The down side is many of our fruit trees and the lilac blooms were hit hard a couple weeks ago with a 28 degree freeze. I think my peach tree is nearly dead. It was hard hitting as we had a warm week and everything was busting out in bloom then we went back to a few nights below freezing.
    Embrace the dandelions, the long tap root actually pulls nutrients up from deep in the soil which feeds the less deep roots of your lawn. It sounds like you are doing it right for a naturally healthy lawn.

    1. Pamela, All my fruit trees and lilacs have blossomed here too but we haven’t had any frost. I’m hoping for another good fruit batch this year. My lawn is mostly yellow with the dandelions, what can I do? I just go with it and let them be LOL.

  3. No Hummers here yet and I have my feeders up!! Send some to Jackson!!!

    1. Jeanie, keep an eye out, I bet you’ll be seeing them soon. May we had one that traveled back early this year.

  4. Debbie Lorson says:

    Our wacky weather is Missouri is all over the road. We are flooded in many areas and many people are stranded in their subdivisions. Everything bloomed out in March and even the snowball bushes are done. I am so far behind in gardening and I am praying I can get some planters done this weekend once the rain stops. I love your tree frog, he’s a cutie.

    1. Debbie, we’ve had the rain too. At our guest house the front yard flooded and we had wild ducks floating in the puddle, LOL.

      1. Debbie Lorson says:

        Well that’s adorable. Tree frog and ducks, plus I’m sure plenty more critters.

        1. Debbie right now it’s turkey season and I have about 30 in my yard every day along with a big tom turkey.

  5. I love the pictures, thank you for sharing. I have noticed that things are a bit early here in western pa as well. I am not complaining I love spring. I am glad to hear you don’t use pesticides on your lawn and let nature take its course. You see the beauty in those lovely dandelions and for that your life is a happier place.

    1. Amanda, Everything is blooming early but our temps are still pretty cold. I had to mow the lawn in my winter coat and hat this morning.

  6. We have lots of tree frogs! Everytime I move something, like separate a stack of lawn chairs, or move something leaning up against the house, etc. I find another one. One lives somewhere under our porch and sounds like a woodpecker when it calls out. I love listening to them! A few years ago we had one living in a decorative birdhouse I have sitting on the porch! He’d climb up to the hole and hang out there sleeping in the daytime. It was so darn cute. I just love them.

    1. Arlene, Aw I love your tree frog story. I wish I could see the one living in the birdhouse. How darn cute!

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