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Easy Caramel Apples

Easy Caramel Apples | creativecaincabin.comI had fun with my friend Em yesterday making Caramel Apples. I cheated this year and purchased the pre made dip in a container. For $5 you get the caramel and sticks all I had to do was provide the yummy Honeycrisp Apples, and the festive fall sprinkles. I microwaved the caramel dip and we proceed to plunge our apples into the gooey goodness.  

Easy Caramel Apples | creativecaincabin.comIt was a great way to spend some time with a friend and get caught up on all the latest. Do you make caramel apples and if so do you cheat like I do?

School update: Several of you have asked me how school is going and I am happy to report I have all “A’s”. I do seem to find time to get everything done but there is certainly no time to rest. What I miss most about my busy schedule is checking in on everyones blogs. I am doing my best to keep up, but some days I just can’t do it all. Thank you to everyone who is asking and sending words of encouragement 🙂 


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  1. It has been quite awhile since I made caramel apples, but I did cheat the last time I did it. Going back to school is hard. I did it in my forties. I finished my BA and then got my MS. I went full time and worked three part time jobs. It was grueling. Fortunately I didn’t have any young children then. My youngest daughter was in high school. Hang in there. You are doing great and should be really proud of yourself. xo Laura

    1. Wow Laura you had it worse than me at least I work from home and can get my stuff done in my pj’s if need be. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    What fun..I haven’t made them since my son was younger..love Honeycrisp apples too..

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Yum on the carmel apples. I think that is a great way to make them. Glad to hear school is going great. All A’s wooo hooo you go girl. So happy for you.

    1. Kris, thank you so much for the encouragement.

  4. I haven’t made caramel apples for a very long time, and if I were to make them again I know I’d be a cheater too 🙂
    Well done on your schooling, I just knew you would be an A student.

    1. Linda thank you for the kind words about school, there are some days that it seems impossible to carry on but somehow I do it. I will never do carameled apples the other way again, this is to easy.

  5. YUMMY!! I didn’t know you went back to school…that’s awesome!!

    1. Yes Martina and there are days I think I should have my head examined. LOL

  6. Cheryl Major says:

    Those look so good. I want to make some now.
    So happy to hear that all is well at school. You truly inspire !

    1. Cheryl, cheat like I did and make it easy on yourself.

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