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Easy Fall Decorating Using Pumpkins and Mums

Simple Fall Decor Using Mums in Galvanized Buckets, Pumpkins, and a Vintage Bike I’ve added a little fall charm to my vintage bike, you remember the bike I turned into a planter because every time I ride it I fall off? Ya that’s the one. While out photographing a home for the realtor I work for, I stumbled across this small floral shop that had oodles of mums on their front porch bursting with blooms. Of course I couldn’t resist so I turned the car around and did a little shopping.  

Simple Fall Decor Using Mums in Galvanized Buckets, Pumpkins, and a Vintage Bike The price for the huge mums was so reasonable I filled the back of my jeep with them and headed home. I always love it when I find a locally owned place. I would rather give my money to them than a big box store any day. 

Simple Fall Decor Using Mums in Galvanized Buckets, Pumpkins, and a Vintage Bike The bale of straw is hanging around waiting to get put down in the vegetable garden, so until that happens Im using it as part of my fall decor. The sugar maple tree is in the center of our driveway and it’s already a bright crimson color. Yep, the beginning of October and we have lots of color here in Michigan. 

Simple Fall Decor Using Mums in Galvanized Buckets, Pumpkins, and a Vintage Bike The weather has been in the 70’s here all week so hubby and I’ve been outside getting our landscaping done, and working on the rental house. I don’t think our Bobcat has quit running for two days straight. Hubby’s been moving boulders around the house to incorporate into the landscape design. My back sure is feeling all the hard work, not to mention I fell off the ladder while hanging the shutters. I just don’t bounce like I did in my younger years. 

Simple Fall Decor Using Mums in Galvanized Buckets, Pumpkins, and a Vintage Bike I’ll be back on Sunday to show off my fall front porch and share some of the landscaping we’ve been doing. Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for dropping in today. 


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  1. I so love the color combinations of your gorgeous mums….such a beautiful vignette in your yard to greet family and friends!
    Have a great weekend Dawn and take care of your back and stay away from ladders!!!…Enjoy the fabulous 70 degree weather!

    1. Shirley, I will just keep moving to work out all the kinks…too many projects to get done before winter hits.

  2. I love all the colors of Fall since it is my favorite season of the year! Here in NE Ohio it is raining to today and will surely bring a lot of the leaves down from the beautiful trees. I did my Fall decorating in Sept, since this is the longest season and I get to enjoy it longer. Your bike looks so very pretty and you always have great photos! Enjoy the season!

    1. Susan, we got the rain last night so it must be moving your way today. I also decorated for fall in Sept and Im trying to get all the projects and photos posted here before the next season and holiday arrive. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Kathleen G says:

    What a pretty Fall look around your colorful tree! Take care, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen it sure feels like fall today, it’s chilly and I have a scarf and quilted vest on today.

  4. Love the mums. I am trying to get some fall decor up in the yard , but it is almost
    100 degrees F. We usually don’t have hot weather along the coast. Anyway my
    grandson and I planted gourds. Some expert told me they would not get fruit.
    Well we have gourds all over the place. I hope the neighbors like them.

    Lorraine , CA

    1. Lorraine 100 that’s to hot. Are the gourds the type you can dry out and make bird house out of?

    1. Thank you Jeanie that bike is great for decorating purposes.

    1. Linda I think the mum colors are more vibrant this year if thats possible.

  5. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    That bike may not have been good for riding…but it sure is good for decorating!..Those mums are gorgeous…Please be careful with your back Dawn…I fell on my back when I worked for the state..Pennsylvania…a fall like that can cause you pain for the rest of your life…We are in the 70’s here to..but the nights and mornings are so cold..It was 48 degrees when I went to bed last night..I had to put two more cats on the bed with me to keep me warm…lol..just kidding Dawn….I don’t have to put them on the bed…the just jump right up there on their own…lol…OK…Have a good day and take some breaks you hard working lady…

    1. Nancy, lol yes me and bikes just don’t get along. I don’t have any cats but I did have to put my electric blanket on the bed and turn it on.

  6. Hi all,
    My grandson and I believe the gourds are for making bird houses. They are growing like
    crazy with this hot weather. Some are 5 – 6″ long and the shape for making bird houses.
    I will keep you posted.

    1. Lorraine, that sounds like a fun project for you and your grandson to do this winter together.

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