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Easy Fall Living Room Decor

Fall Decorating IdeasI’m winding up my fall decorating ideas this week and then I’ll be sharing with you my simple rustic Christmas crafts along with starting my Christmas decorating. I’ve really been into anything that’s simple and already on hand when it comes to decorating this year. When I opened my fall decorating tote I noticed I have a hodge podge of pumpkins. All different colors, shapes, textures, and materials. I felt none of them worked alone well so to make it seem like a planned collection I dumped them all into a wicker basket lined with faux fern branches. 

img_1713It couldn’t have been simpler. That type of decorating is right up my alley. It took no thought but when it was done I rather liked it. I also added faux straw flowers to my galvanized sap bucket, and rounded up any throw pillows I had that contained the colors of my thrown together pumpkin basket. 

Fall Autumn Decorating With A Mixture Of PumpkinsDid you happen to notice a few of the items in the basket are actually real dumpling squash? I always know when it’s time to switch over to winter decor……when the fall decor starts looking sparse with gaps and holes in it. One by one the dumpling squash disapper and we have them for dinner. 

Fall Decorating IdeasI’m actually getting excited about decorating for winter and Christmas. Every year I have a different color themes for the tree and all the extra decor. This year I’m running ideas around in my head and think I may go with  traditional Christmas colors. I haven’t used good old red or green in quite some time and it looks like it’s time I did. 

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  1. I love how you decorated for fall, Dawn – the simplicity of it is very appealing. I’m looking forward to your Christmas decor.

    1. Jen, I’m starting to get my game plan together for Christmas. I need to quit looking at all the pretty things on Pinterest or other blogs and get my own act together. LOL

  2. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Dawn, I remember the teal pumpkin! A perfect size basket for your Autumnal bounty. Classic Christmas colors are warm and cheery. Happly November!
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I’ve been seeing so many beautiful color combinations for Christmas decor on other blogs it makes me want to change my plan. I need to go into the basement, pull out all the totes, and come up with a plan. I don’t want to buy anything new so I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

  3. Dawn, I love your collection of pumpkins strewn all about! I see you have new covers for the furniture…
    I am all about Winter décor too. The Fall weather here was so rotten, I think it put a damper on my desire to decorate much.

    1. Kim, yes I purchased the new covers when they discontinued the line so got a huge discount. Our falls been beautiful but now I’m going to struggle with taking photos of Christmas things with Michigan’s sunless days ahead.

  4. As usual.. I just love it… how do you get your slipcover’s to look so neat and nice? Mine always looked crappy.. lol….basket looks awesome❤️?

    1. Melissa the slipcovers are custom made for the furniture line I have so they fit like a glove, and we never use this room so no butt prints on the furniture, lol. I’m going to start shopping for new furniture soon, I’m ready for something new and hope I can find a good home for what I currently have.

    1. Shirley this was effortless for sure. I’m just not into dragging everything out, I want it to be simple 🙂

  5. I too, noticed the slipcovers Dawn. They fit perfect. I need some for my couch…Happy Decorating!!

    1. Jeanie I’m going to get new furniture soon. I’m tired of what I have so I need to start looking. I’d like to sell what I have but always skeptical of strangers coming to my house to look at it.

  6. I love the way you decorate. The guitar on the wall is so clever. Your home feels so comfortable and inviting.

    1. Nancy, it’s a vintage guitar and it was my hubbies fathers. It no longer is in working order, and can’t be fixed but we keep it anyway.

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