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Easy to Make Mini Indoor Succulent Garden

Easy to Make Mini Indoor Succulent Garden

This is a special project for me, my 94 year old Grama was my assistant. She had a fall about 4 weeks ago and broke her pelvis, and to make matters worse her artificial hip popped out of the socket. I have spent several hours a day at the hospital and rehab facility, helping her with all her needs. Let’s just say she is board to tears at the rehab but must stay about 2 more weeks for therapy and then she will return home. Gram lives with one of her daughters and her jobs at home are doing the dishes, doing the laundry and ironing, and just keeping her bedroom and bathroom clean. So just sitting around at the rehab every day waiting for her 1 hour of therapy is driving her crazy.  So I had the idea that we could make a Mini Indoor Succulent Garden together. 


Succulent Garden

Gram is considered legally blind, even though she can see silhouettes, so I thought the succulent garden would be perfect for her to help me with. Her sense of touch and feel are very good so she will be able to feel where the pebbles, dirt, and plants are placed. It’s funny she doesn’t want to do any activities in the rehab she says she doesn’t want to sit with all those old hens, apparently 94 is not old to her. She worked until she was 86, a full time job of standing on her feet 8 hours a day. She would still be there if her eyesight hadn’t diminished. She is one tough cookie and comes from a generation where woman were hardworking and resourceful in some pretty hard times.  I really wanted her to have something to do so up to the rehab I marched with all the supplies.


How to Assemble a Mini Garden

I placed the pebbles into a zip lock bag and Gram scooped them out with a measuring cup, carefully covering the bottom of the terrarium. She would reach down and feel every now and again to make sure she was getting enough. Next she used the same method and added a layer of dirt. I took all the succulents out of the small containers and she placed them into the soil, she could feel around and find an area of bare soil and she knew she had a spot to plant something else.


Mini Succulent Garden

I think she did a wonderful job, and for a little added touch I found the mushrooms on a small wire stick and Gram placed them in the only area left.  All we had left to do was give it a little water and place it on her nightstand for everyone to admire.


Mini Succulent Garden

I think she really enjoyed having something to do and all the nurses spotted it right away when they came into her room. Everyone stopped by to admire it and it made me happy to see her productive and have something to talk about with other family and guest that stopped by. The sun shines in her window directly on the Mini Succulent Garden so I bet it takes off and thrives. I will have to remember to keep an eye on it and give it some water from time to time. Today was a good day; I just wish I could come up with some other ideas to keep her occupied. 


Mini Succulent Garden

If anyone has ideas please pass them along to me, I would love to find other things for her to do. She used to enjoy doing crafts and flipping through magazines but she can’t see to do those things any more. I suggested to her maybe a book on tape but she poo-pooed that idea. Please pass along any ideas, no matter how trivial they are she just may enjoy one of them. 





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  1. Dawn, how sweet of you to come with with a project to create together. So funny hearing how she doesn’t think of herself as that old. My mom is only 81, but says the same thing about being around folks her age that she doesn’t think of herself in the same way. She thinks she is younger. 🙂

    I hope your Gram’s time goes by quickly so she can go home. I love the terrarium y’all made.

    1. Kim, my Gram still dyes here hair red even and she certainly doesn’t look her age. All the nurses in the rehab have asked her what here beauty routine is, because she looks so young.

  2. Such a lovely activity to do with Grandma. Would she be receptive to telling some of her memories and stories by talking into a recorder? Or telling how she remembers things and how they have changed … like making toast, or doing laundry from the early days in her life? or even recording messages to the family she lives with?

    1. Linda, she has done the story telling thing already, but thanks for the idea.

  3. Perfect project for you and Grandma. I’ll think about it and if I come up with some ideas, I’ll let you know, my friend.


    1. Claudia, that would be wonderful I am out of ideas for sure.

  4. That’s so sweet that you did this with your Gram! I hope she’s feeling better soon! 🙂

    1. Thank you Susan, it looks like she is on the road to recovery.

  5. Hi,
    I’m one of your critter people. Loved this story, because it reminded me of my dad. When he was in rehab, after breaking his leg, he was invited to make some crafty things. He had never done anything like this before….and wasn’t really sure that he wanted to join in. They told him that he could make something for me. They gave him a clear old canning jar and a bowl of pot pourri. The pot pourri was put in the jar and a piece of lacy fabric like a doily was put on top… for a cover. A piece of burgundy ribbon was tied around the rim of the jar to keep the doily on. The scent of the pot pourri comes through the doily. He’s no longer here and this was his last gifts to me…I treasure it.
    Balisha….by the way….I love the critter project.

    1. Balisha, what a wonderful touching story. I bet you treasure that jar every day. I am lucky and my Gram will be going home, good as new. Thank you so much for following along with the critter making. I was cutting out new patterns yesterday while I sat with my Gram.

  6. Hi Dawn,
    What a wonderful day you had with your Grama! I can truly appreciate the entire experience of trying to entertain and occupy her time and mind, while she is recovering. Do you think that your Grama would be interested in doing any kind of macrame? She could do that by feeling the materials, once she was taught and got the hang of it. Whether she does large size like plant hangers or smaller like jewelry with beads etc. Just and idea.
    I wish her and your family all the best.

    1. Nancy, that’s a good idea, I will run it by her and see what she things. We have a big family and someone is with her every waking moment, we only leave so she can go to bed. Thank you so much for the idea 🙂

  7. Dawn,
    How sweet to do this project with Gram. I bet this project with your will help her feel better. So sweet.

    1. Kris, yes she enjoyed having something to do and something to talk about. I sure wish I had more ideas.

  8. Dawn, I think your Gram and my mother were cut from the same cloth! Mine is 91 and wears a brown wig! She has fewer wrinkles than I do! She has lost most of her vision due to macular degeneration, but she can see enough to heat up her food and take care of herself. I bet your Gram is feeling much better since you came up with this terrarium idea! My mother listens to the books on tape. She gets them free from our state library. All she had to do was obtain a form and get her doctor’s signature that she had limited vision. Then they sent her a digital machine that is easy for someone who can’t see very well to operate. The books on tape keep her entertained and she especially loves the biographies.

    1. Jane, My Gram dyes her hair bright red. She says she came into this world a red head and is going out a red head. LOL I so wish my Gram would do the book thing, but it’s just not her I guess.

  9. Hi Dawndie! Oh, bless your little gram’s little heart! I’m just amazed at her! I’m so sorry she fell and hope her rehab will have her back on her feet soon! What a sweet granddaughter you are to think of this for her to do. She is certainly young at heart! I wish her the best.
    Be a sweetie and thank you for your suggestions. I would love a really bright yellow but couldn’t find one!

    1. Shelia, Oh I so wish you could find yellow, it would be such a great color with your sofa and bring a little spring in to the room. Thank you for the well wishes for Gram, she is getting stronger every day.

  10. I love that little garden so much, how very lucky you are to share it with her. If I am blessed to live that long I know I’d be the same way!

    1. Rondell, I am very lucky to still have my Gram with me. She has 5 generations alive right now, we have a big family and everyone is chipping in to help.

  11. Dawn
    Your mini garden turned out so nice and your Gram is quite an amazing lady.
    I knew you came from good stock!
    If I come up with any ideas for projects I’ll let you know.
    I’ll be praying for your Gram’s quick recovery too.

    1. Thank you for the extra prayers Kim, it is so appreciated.

  12. WOW, so sweet of you to spend time with your grandma like that. I love the planter, I’m sure she’s so proud of you.
    She reminds me of my great grandma, she was also a tough woman, she worked s hard. May we be as strong as they are

    1. Wangu, I sure hope I am like my Gram she is one amazing lady.

  13. What a nice way for you to spend time with your Gram! I loved both of my Grandmothers and loved to do all kinds of projects with them…they taught me to sew, knit, crochet, plant & tend a garden, cook, and to enjoy life. I miss them so much, but they both lived long and active lives. Hope your Gram recovers soon!

    1. Debbie, isn’t it wonderful to learn all those things from our Gram? It is something to treasure and remember forever.

  14. Your grandmother sounds like a special person. My mother is 87 and she thinks everyone else is old. She doesn’t look or act her age. I can’t believe that your grandmother worked on her feet for that long.
    I am wondering about working with that sculpt clay. Something she could mold with her hands. Even making small balls for jewelry. After they dry she could paint them. Maybe make little toadstools for little gardens. Simple shapes.
    The little garden was such a great idea. I love the pictures of her hands.
    I say some prayers that she will get to come home soon.

    1. Debby, my Gram would still be working if they would let her. She is quite a lady. I will check with her on the clay idea, she definitely has a mind of her own and know what she likes and doesn’t like to do.

  15. I cannot tell you how much I loved this post…What a phenomenal person your Gram is…I hope I make it to 94 and feel as young as she does…you are such a wonderful granddaughter…I love how the succulent garden turned out…Is your Gram’s eyesight good enough to make a wreath for her room?…possibly a styrofoam wreath form so that florals may be pushed into it…or weaving ribbon for runners or placemats…my prayers for her quick recovery…

    1. Shirley, most of the things she can do are by feel so I all I could do is try with her. She came down with the flu yesterday so I hope it doesn’t set her back any. Thank you for the extra prayers 🙂

  16. If she knows how to crochet….you could get some fabric and cut it in strips and a very large crochet hook and she could make what I think is called Rag Rugs…round, square, oval…I think she could feel with her fingers where she would need to put a stitch and even if she missed one…it would not really matter. She could make the family Christmas presents.. I lost my Grandmother is 1986, and I still miss her so much. She taught me so much…and I am now teaching my grandchildren the values she instilled in me. Enjoy your time with your Grandmother and give her a big hug from me… Ann

    1. Ann, thank you for the idea. I will have to ask her if she knows how to crochet???

  17. Barb Johnson says:

    I will keep this idea for my Mom , should she need it, she’s only 87. She’s still in good health but has had to cut down on some of her gardening. Still maintains her large home. Definitely a strong generation there.About the audio book, I would just bring one to her and try it. She might enjoy it more than she thinks she would. Just found your site and like it.

    1. Barb, Welcome to the Cabin. Wow 87 and still going strong. My Gram is back home and just joined a gym at 94. I take her 3 days a week to work out and she has a personal trainer one day a week. Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

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