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Easy To Make Stock Tank Herbal Tea and Medicinal Garden

Stock Tank Herbal Tea Garden

It’s clearance time in the greenhouses in my neck of the woods and I’ve decided to make a medicinal tea garden in the stock tank. I had my garlic planted here last fall and it’s since been harvested so it’s time for a new crop.

I’ve decided the only time a bush, tree, or plant is coming onto our land is if it’s useful. If we can eat its harvest, make medicine from it, or it adds to our pantry then it’s allowed.

Stock Tank Herbal Tea Garden

Just recently I had hubby remove a shrub that’s been dying for going on 3 years now. I’m looking to replace it with either a hibiscus plant that I can make tea from or a currant bush that produces berries. Right now I’m unable to find either so it may have to wait until next spring.

Now is a great time to get some of those plants that could use a little love, or water LOL for a fraction of what they cost in the spring. One of my favorite things to make with herbs is tea and tinctures. We don’t use western medicine in our home so I make a lot of what we do use.

Stock Tank Herbal Tea Garden

Right now my favorite tea that I’ve been making is mint nettle tea. I have several mint plants that I harvest from daily to make my tea and the addition of stinging nettles is just wonderful. If you’d like the recipe I can share that in a later post. 

Stock Tank Herbal Tea Garden

What I have planted in the stock tank is lemon balm, lavender, echinacea, rosemary and thyme.  I will gather and use these items fresh until the chance of frost. Right before it frosts I will harvest and dehydrate the herbs for use during the winter.

To keep the chickens from making this spot their new place to play I added the green decorative fence. I’m not a fan of how it looks but it’s serving its purpose. I found 90 feet of it at a garage sale for $5 and knew it would work for what I wanted and I’d have plenty left for future projects.

Stock Tank Herbal Tea Garden

If you have a favorite tea recipe that you make please leave it in the comments. I’m always up for trying something new! 

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    Great deal on the green wire fencing. I know it works because I added some around my stock tank that I’m growing potatoes in…it has held up the plants while keeping out Bandit – a stray cat who’s adopted me and my husband.
    The herbs look lovely in the stock tank and I even like the wire fencing.

    1. Jen, I seldom buy anything that doesnt come from a garage sale or thrift store. The prices cant be beat. Aw that’s so sweet that you have a kitty. The same thing happened over here. Sox is our stray that was born under the coop and stuck around. I just pulled my potatoes this week from one bed. I have one more to go once they look ready.

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