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Exterior French Doors Painted In The Color Black Fox

Log Home, Black Painted French Doors, Farmhouse Light, Deck With Hog Panel Railing

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here in the north and I managed to squeeze painting the outside of the dining room French doors that were replaced recently.  If you missed seeing that you can catch up here.

Fall Farmhouse Decor, Felted Wool Pumpkin, Teak Furniture, Orange Throw

Once again I used what I had in my paint stash, not wanting to spend money on a new color and lets face it who really wants to go through the process of deciding on something new.  I always flip through the swatch samples and marvel over all the pretty colors and inevitably I pick some form of  “BLACK”.

Well in this case it was no different, I used up that last of the “BLACK FOX” that I had, I also used this color on our bathroom shelves, our kitchen island, and the inside of the French doors.  We have one more set to replace and I’m hoping I have enough to paint them. After all this I’d hate to have to buy more after this scrimping I’m doing without making new purchases. 

Log Home, Black Painted French Doors, Farmhouse Light, Deck With Hog Panel Railing

Did you happen to notice how I cheated when painting the door? I left that little rolled rim next to the glass white.  I just wasn’t up for taping everything off and I didn’t feel confident enough to free hand it so I just painted the portion of the door that surrounds the glass and said the heck with the trim.

Felted Wool Pumpkin, Fall Decor

That’s where hubby and I differ, I get to a certain point and call it good enough but he’s super detailed and would have taken the extra time to…… as he call’s it “do it right”.  Luckily I was the girl doing the painting so I did it my way, LOL. Not that he cares but we are different in that way.  He was so meticulous when hand whittling some of the trim for our house that it drove me crazy. I would never have spent that much time on it, but I have to say it all fits perfectly. 

Black Fox Sherwin Williams Paint Color

I also have to mention how brilliant you all are! Mind blowing actually. You gals give the best advice.  I’d never thought of using one twin bedspread, cutting the other in half, and attaching it to the side. You are all so right…..they’ll be no seam going down the middle that way.  I don’t feel so bad about doing it now. I know it will look great, so thank you to all my talented readers, this makes me so happy! If you missed that discussion you can read it here.

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  1. French doors came out so nice. I like how you didn’t paint the trim,the white really makes it pop. Its been very warm by us too. Im really ready for some colder weather.
    Have a blessed day.

  2. Cheryl Major says:

    Your french doors look awesome ! That is a very cleaver solution to making a king size bedspread. I wish I would have thought of it. The weather has been warm for the last 10 days but now is turning cold again.
    Have a good week Dawn !

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