Transform My Exterior Episode 1

Exterior House Transformation Using Photoshop or PicMonkeyHappy Sunday everyone, I’m sharing something a little different with you today and I hope it takes off. I had a reader, Bethany, share with me an exterior photo of her home after a rustic porch was added. She wanted to know if I had any ideas of how to tie the new addition into the old without breaking the bank. She sent me over a photo by email and I had the best time playing with elements to bring it all together for her. Now remember these are just ideas and many people need a visual to get the ideas flowing in their head, but things can be changed to suit your taste. Below are a list of Bethany’s concerns:

  • Didn’t know how to incorporate the rustic porch and make it flow with the sided portion of the house.
  • Wasn’t fond of the white window casements.
  • Needed ideas for tying it all together. 
  • Needed to be budget friendly with no major construction projects.

Send Me Your Photos Of The Exterior Of Your Home And Let Me Give It a Photoshop Makeover. Before & After Exterior Transformations So here’s the changes that I made:

  • Painted the existing gray siding a darker gray to pick up the colors in the stone work on the porch.
  • Continue the rustic shutters onto the sided portion of the house.
  • Add rustic window boxes under the windows of the sided portion. 
  • To tie the white window casings in I added more white in the Adirondack chairs, and a white weeping cherry in the landscape design.
  • Painted the front door gray to match the siding.
  • Add 2 large pots of flowers on either side of the door and use the same flowers in them and the rustic window boxes.
  • Add mulch to the garden area
  • Plant easy maintenance boxwoods around the perimeter of the place. 
  • Repeat the boxwoods idea by placing a boxwood wreath on the front door. 
  • Add a pop of color to the corner of the porch with bright pink Hydrangeas. 
  • Add a natural element by placing a large rock at the corner of the sidewalk with added house numbers.
  • Repeat the pink and white flowers in front of the house number rock.

Nothing of major expense was done to tie it all together. Just remember these are just ideas and things can be changed. If you’d like to send me a photo of your homes exterior along with a short message of how you’d like it to change just pop me an email and photo to, and in the subject line please place: TRANSFORM MY EXTERIOR  I’d  love to work my magic on your place and by doing so you’ll be giving me permission to share it on my blog for my readers to see. 

I’m one of those people that drive by a home and think to myself if they’d just paint their door a different color, or add some shutters that home would have so much more curb appeal.  So why not do just that? I can’t wait to see your photos and here the changes you’d like to make. 



  1. Donna Parrish says:

    Love how you tied it all together! Very nicely done. Is there a program for the computer where you could take a live picture and play around with features that does not cost a fortune?
    I enjoy your blog and have been following a few years.

    1. Donna you could use the free program PicMonkey online!

    2. Donna, Were you able to find the free PicMonkey web site?

  2. Wow! You are GOOD! Looks so welcoming now.

    1. Denise, amazing what a little photoshopping can do for a place.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    Grey and pink are pretty together. Love what you did Dawn, I had a feeling the siding needed a darker grey. My daughter’s nursery colors ( light pewter grey ) too, with floral pattern in the mix. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, I love gray and I always think a little darker makes it richer and more earthy. The light gray siding tends to look white in direct sunlight.

  4. This looks like a fun feature. I can’t wait to see more!

  5. Beautiful!! I really believe that landscaping makes everything pretty. 😉

    1. Stacey what did we do before photoshop. I love that people can see a new look without having to try it first.

  6. Dawn, it looks wonderful and the landscape is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Jeanie, it was such a fun project to tackle.

  7. very nicely done, Dawn! You may have another feather to add to your cap!

  8. rondell konat says:

    Really neat Dawn, I love seeing the Before and After which is so pretty! Your right some people need a visual first…like me! I’m like you and when I see a house I always think the same! I’ll be sending you a picture of my front stoop/porch as soon as the sun comes out more this month, we are having a rehearsal party and marriage in our back yard for my sun and I’d like to have the front looking really nice.

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