Fall Bike Basket

Fall Bike Basket | Creative Cain CabinBetween the raindrops I was able to get a few moments to decorate my bike basket this week. Luckily it didn’t take long, and I was able to get in out of the rain again. We’ve had all types of weather this week, some sunny almost humid days and others that were blowing with bitter cold rain. I guess it’s a sure sign winter is on it’s way. Before the snow decides to fly I wanted to get my bike looking like fall. The tree and bike are in the circle portion of our drive and I just love how the simple bike makes a statement. I purchased the mums at a local nursery on my way home from school and visited a local farmer for the pumpkin and squash, making it a quick trip for decorating supplies and I’m on a strict schedule these days. 

Fall | Creative Cain CabinI couldn’t believe how heavy the squash was, the farmer even put it in my vehicle for me it was so heavy.  I love squash and can’t even imagine trying to cut this one up to bake and eat, but for some reason I think I want to give it a try. I just love winter squash soup and I bet this would make a big batch. There’s nothing better than soup in the fall, my family requests a hearty soup, on a cool day. 

Fall | Creative Cain CabinOnce I got home I decided to back my Jeep up to the tree to unload my purchase, no need in breaking my back trying to carry that extremely heavy squash. I think the bright orange and green colors in the squash make is so unique, and even without the rain it’s so shiny and beautiful. As you can see we already have leaves on the ground here. Fall is blowing through and I do believe we will have snow soon. Some days we have a temperature drop of over 20 degrees in less than an hour. On Friday when I walked it started out fairly nice and before I reached my 5 miles it started freezing rain….that’s Michigan for you.

Fall Bike Basket | Creative Cain Cabin I haven’t even had time to decorate my porch yet, and at this rate Fall may be over before I get to it. Also pumpkins seem to be expensive around here this year and that alone has me discouraged. I guess if I do buy many I can always feed them to the pigs when the season is over.  How is your Fall decorating coming? 


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  1. Morning, Dawndie! Oh, what a lovely snap! Your bike dressed for fall looks so pretty and what a photographer you are. Of course I knew that! 🙂 Now I’ve never seen a squash like that it’s huge! Squash soup sounds lovely. I made a huge pot of vegetable soup Friday and it was soooooooo good. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia, Veggie soup sounds great, especially with the cold temps here. I am expecting to see snow any day now.

  2. So loving the bike and its Fall decor! Wish I had room for a bike because it would make an awesome display piece. Our weather in Ohio sounds much like yours lately. We had rain and hail yesterday with an overnite of 39 degrees. The leaves will be falling fast and some haven’t even turned yet. I’m sure we will still have a few nice days before that dreaded “W” season gets here!

    1. I shot a wedding Saturday in 43 degree temps with blowing wind and rain. It was outside and I felt so bad for the girls in their skimpy dresses. The hail never hit here but it did just a little further north in Michigan.

  3. We are supposed to have a couple of near 90 degree days next week here in the piney woods of east Texas. Envy your leaves and their changing colors.

    1. Ann, that is so hard to believe it is in the 40’s here. Yes I love our changing leaves the colors are always so beautiful.

  4. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    That looks so pretty Dawn..I made a Winter veggie/squash soup last week with sweet Italian sausage..it was soooo good..I am also a soup maker in Autumn and Winter..soups just seems to taste so much better when it is cold outside don’t they..it is cold here today..56 degrees/feels like 51..tonight..39/feels like 35..I think we might be turning on the heat tonight..

    1. Nancy, our heat is on too. I shot a wedding this weekend in 43 degree temps. It was an outside wedding and was bitter cold. I make a big pot of Chicken Corn Chowder soup today, and it was yummy!!

    1. Thank you Kris, I bet your bike will be fall ready anytime now.

  5. Hi Dawn, you bike looks great, sometimes plain and simple is best. How is the schooling going? Was it hard getting back into routine? The weather has cooled here and we had a rainy weekend too.

    1. Linda, Thank for stopping in. I like school it just takes up to much of my time. LOL I have a routine now, but sleep is not in that routine 🙁

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