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Fall Decorating Ideas and Inspiration For Outside

Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Are you doing any fall decorating yet? Or will you be this year? I’ve cut down on the amount I’ll be doing but I wanted to share with you these cute outdoor spaces decorate for fall. I came across these while out today. 

We have an old building in a town over from me that was converted into an indoor type farmers market years ago. I seldom go there, it’s in a pretty rough neighborhood and I’m not out looking for trouble. But it was daylight and I hadn’t been in the place in over a year so I popped in while in town.

Outside they had all these cozy vignettes of seating areas created and all around them there were pops of color from fall flowers and foliage. It was so pretty I had to stop and snap a few pics. 

It happened to be raining the day I stopped but there’s an outdoor cabana where you can buy coffee, beer, or wine and sit in the sunshine in this cozy and cutely decorated space. 

It’s still early into the fall season so I though you might get a few inspirational ideas from scrolling through these pictures. I would have loved to rock in one of the chairs and enjoyed a cup of iced coffee but the rain was stopping me.

Gotta go, I’m cleaning the basement so I have to get back to that! Have a wonderful and blessed day my friends. 

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  1. My favorite is the colorful metal stools around the barrel.

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