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Personalized Fall Entrance Marker

Easy Rustic Entrance Marker Decorated for Fall With a Single Pumpkin Happy Sunday everyone, it looks like another nice day here in Michigan probably the last of warmer temps as it will be dipping down into the low 50’s for the rest of the week. It makes me thankful to know I’ve accomplished all my outdoor tasks for the season. Some years I’m on top of it and other years I just dread all the work that has to be done before snow flies. 

Easy Rustic Entrance Marker Decorated for Fall With a Single Pumpkin This is the first fall for my entrance marker and I thought just one single pumpkin was all it needed this year. Not only was it easy to decorate it makes me smile every time I drive past it. This year I made fall decorating easy on myself, nothing is over the top just very plain and simple. I’ve had so many projects going on outside I hardly had time to even stop to pick out the pumpkins I did grab. I purchased them from the same local farmer I get them from every year. He plants them, sells them for $2 each and donates the money to the school. What a nice thing to do right?

Easy Rustic Entrance Marker Decorated for Fall With a Single Pumpkin Well this year I gathered all the pumpkins I wanted, loaded them into my jeep, grabbed my wallet and went back to the put the money in the box he has mounted on the trailer. I was so disappointed when I looked down and noticed someone had pried the latch off the locked box and stole all the money. How horrible to live in such a small community and find something like this had happened. The man doesn’t even keep the money he donates it and someone robbed the money box anyway. What a horrible feeling I had wash over me. I did deposit my money but figured it would probably be taken too. I think I say this a  billion times a day, “what is wrong with people” I say it so much it seems to be the norm. How sad that someone thinks it’s ok to do such a thing. 

Easy Rustic Entrance Marker Decorated for Fall With a Single Pumpkin


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  1. Morning, Dawndie! Oh, that is just terrible. Some folks are just looking to do something that’s wrong. We recently found a sign on a country road that said apple cider. We followed it and it was an old cooler with little bottles of apple cider in it, an envelope that said ‘thank you’. We grabbed our cider and poked our money in the envelope with other folks money. I was thinking, how nice, I hadn’t seen ‘the honor system’ like this since I was a little girl. You couldn’t have done this in Texas as someone would have just picked up the cooler, apple cider and the money. That is a shame. Well, I do love your sweet marker on your boulder and the lone pumpkin looks mighty cute.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

    1. Shelia, the honor system is always used in my neck of the woods too but I bet this farmer has to make a change now. Its so sad 🙁

  2. Such a shame that someone spoils the wonderful gesture of the farmer. I’ve got all my jobs done and the garden is ready for winter. I’m a bit early this year as I have cataract surgery on Tuesday, the day after our Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s turkey dinner with all the trimmings today.

    1. Linda good for you for getting everything done. Good luck with your surgery and let me know how it goes.

    1. Linda it could be yours we will be moving in the next couple of years.

  3. Would you please tell the names of the lavender and yellow flowers?

    1. Vickie the lavender is Russian Sage, and the Yellow is Coreopsis. Both bloom from summer to late fall.

  4. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    What a nasty nasty thing to do to such a good and generous man..The man is only charging $2 a pumpkin and he’s donating the money…We need more like him in this world and less of the other kind…We still have some farmers around here that use the honor system and I’ve often wondered if they have had that happen…I hope Karma catches up with those thieves and gives them what they deserve…Can you tell I hate nasty mean people?…The entrance marker is beautiful Dawn…it didn’t need anymore than the pumpkin..those rusty letters are so nice…is that lavender or sage growing beside the rock?…Oh..by the way..I will be testing your egg boiling method today..I’ll let you know how it goes…

    1. Nancy yes do let me know how the eggs go. Yes it is sage growing in the bed, I just love the color of it. I too dislike dishonest people and unfortunately the world has too many of them.

    1. Shirley it just makes me sick to think people have to do such a horrible thing.

  5. I am in love with the look of lavender and pumpkins this year – great color combo.

    1. Thank you Carol purple and orange are a brilliant color combination I think.

  6. Your comment is the same as ours when we hear of these things and watch the nightly news.
    Hope karma bites them in the butt.
    God bless the people who still care❤️

    1. Nana indeed they deserve the same back to them. I don’t even watch the news anymore it’s nothing but sadness and it angers me.

  7. Dawn,
    I have to agree with you and I find myself saying the same phrase way to many times. “What is wrong with people”. Here this hard working generous farmer has to have someone steal from him. I remember growing up in Michigan and going to the farmers stands and picking up fruits and veggies and leaving your money in the box for them. The honor system was such a wonderful part of society and it saddens me when I hear things like this. Love your marker.

    1. Kris, the world is a horrible place at times and more and more horrible things happen every day. I sure hope the farmer had cameras on the outside of his home and finds out who did it.

  8. Well, for sure we know there was ONE who saw this stealing act…..I would imagine if this thief was in need…all they would have had to do was tell this kind farmer…and he would have helped them…
    Love your entrance…

    1. Rosemary, You are right there is ONE who noticed it all.

  9. Kathleen G says:

    Sad to hear that Dawn and Karma will happen. That’s a lot of grass to mow! Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, yes and you’re not even seeing all the grass. I also have a guest house to mow. I would say it’s about 6 acres total that’s mowed.

  10. What a beautiful home!!! What a generous farmer you have….where does he farm at in Michigan?

    1. Jeanie, thank you for stopping in. I live in Bellevue it’s a small town about an hour north of the Indiana border and the farmer is there too.

  11. What is wrong with people indeed. So sad. Where I live we are experiencing a wave of crime from petty to serious. So unfortunate in a place that was once so friendly and peaceful. Drugs are mostly to blame. I too find it sad and frustrating.

    1. Lesley, drugs are a huge issue but around here normally nothing happens. We never lock our house and leave our keys in our cars everywhere we go, but it looks like times are changing.

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