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Fall Entrance With Purple, Gold, and Green


Fall French Door Entrance Using Purple, Gold, and Green. Mums, Sunflowers, and Decorative Cabbage Plants

You all know what a pillow addiction I have, and I’m proud to say I’ve only purchased 4 new covers over the last year. I’m not so sure you’d call it falling off the wagon but for me it’s been major control to only drag home 4 new beauties. The purple, gold, and green pillow you see here today was so pretty when I spied it in the store I knew it had to come home with me and become part of my fall decorating this year. You’ll never believe I found this embroidered pillow on the clearance rack at Kmart of all places. It feels and looks way more expensive than a Kmart pillow. I happened to stop in looking for warm slippers; I didn’t buy slippers but I did grab 2 pillows.  

Fall Container with Purple Mum, Decorative Cabbage, and SunflowersSince the green in the pillow will match the cabin’s interior I think I’ll try and incorporate them into my winter look somehow. See that’s how I’m justifying buying the pillow, LOL! I’m not quite sure why I was so attracted to the pillow? Purple is my favorite color and has been my entire life but it’s not a color I’ve ever decorated with. The purple mum and sunflowers really pop combined with all the green, don’t you think? Nature has a way of knowing what colors look best together. 

Fall Entrance Using Purple Hunter Boots, Gold and Green I always try and buy my mums with only a few flowers open (so I can judge the color), because by the time I get around to photographing them they’ve opened up and are giving off a beautiful show. I picked this one up and within a few days it was opening up nicely. It’s funny how the ones planted in my garden are still tight buds but the ones in stores right now are opened up fully. I don’t even remember what color the ones in my garden are. 

Fall French Door Entrance Using Purple, Gold, and Green. Mums, Sunflowers, and Decorative Cabbage PlantsWhat ever I decorate with from the year before are what will be blooming. Rather than throw them into the compost bin at the end of the season I plant them in my overfill garden. I figure I’ll give them a chance to take hold before winter and be surprised when they bloom the following year. So far they’ve all rooted and are ready to bloom. I could look back through last years post and see what color mums I used, but I guess I’ll just wait and see what colors I get. 

Fall Container with Purple Mum, Decorative Cabbage, and SunflowersDid you happen to notice I have a pair of purple Hunter boots that match my new pillow? I’ve only wore them once (I don’t seem to dress in the color purple) so they still look as good as new. I’ll have to make a note to find something in my closet so I can get more wear out of the boots. It seems I wear my navy blue pair the most and they look that way too. They’ve turned into my lawn and garden boots. 

Fall French Door Entrance Using Purple, Gold, and Green. Mums, Sunflowers, and Decorative Cabbage PlantsThank you for spending a little time with me today. I have a few more areas to share with you that have been decorated for fall, so come back soon to take those tours!

Signature Fall 2018

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  1. The pillow is Beautiful! Thanks for the ideas – the boots are a bit pigeon toed which gave me a giggle early this morning.

  2. I’m not usually attracted to the color purple, but that pillow! LOVE it! Gorgeous entry—kudos to you.

  3. Very pretty. Love your cabin & watching what you do.

    Purple is my youngest son’s & my grandson’s favorite color so I’ve started using it more. I feels almost neutral to me because I’ve worn it with almost every color I have. I have a lot of scarves that tie it all together. So be brave & wear those purple boots a lot. (I think I might have to get a pair myself!)

    Happy fall.

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