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Fall Flower Bouquet

Fall Flower Bouquet

Today I managed to collect the last of the Fall Flowers that are still in bloom for a mini bouquet. I wanted to gather them up before another hard frost hits, so far the frost has been a little north of us, but I know it will be hitting our area soon.  These blooms are planted closer to the house and that will help protect them for a while. Our log home absorbs the heat so well and retains it, and I’m sure the flowers can feel the heat radiating off the logs. The year I planted my garden a foot from the house was the best year for production that I ever had, makes me think that was my best idea yet. 


Fall Leaves and Flowers

If you only have a few blooms left in the garden add leaves as a fill in. these bright green leaves help the bouquet look fuller and bring a pop of color to the mix. One can’t be picky when there is very little to choose from in the garden and it gave me another opportunity to use my vintage coffee can that I love so much.


Fall Blooms

Has anyone had frost in your area yet?  The one nice thing about having a frost is you no longer have to mow the grass here. I think ours will need one more time of it and then we will be done for the season.




Fall Blooms in a Vintage Coffee Can







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  1. We have had a couple of light frosts, not enough to stop the grass growing, but enough to wilt the leaves on the coleus. And some of the leaves on the trees have started to change colour.
    The last bouquet of blooms is pretty. Have a good day.

  2. You inspire me to go on a flower hunt in the garden for a sweet bouquet like yours.

    1. Carol, free flowers are the best kind. Hope you find a beautiful bouquet.

  3. Pretty Dawn! No frost here, but cool mornings. Greg was at the lake on Saturday and the docks was all icy!!
    XO Kris

    1. Kris, wow icy already. We have heavy frost on the windows of our cars too. It has been 32 the last few mornings for my walk.

  4. We have not had a frost and I can hardly wait! The mosquitoes and bees are just terrible. All of my blooms are gone. I had 2 stray hydrangea blooms that I cut the other day. Time to cut down and clean up! Love seeing the coffee can again too…

    1. Ann, You must have had more rain than us, no mosquitoes all summer long here.

    1. Thank you Susan:) Hubby gave me the coffee can once I spied it in his man cave.

    1. Thank you Kim, nothing better than an old coffee can.

  5. Gorgeous photos – as always. I love that coffee can…. want one! I’m going to have to go on a hunt for one. The flowers are beautiful. You’re anticipating a frost, and I’m just hoping for temps out of the 90’s. Texas is a beast during late summer/early fall….

    1. Heather, 90’s wow that is to hot for me even in the summer LOL. It has been in the low 30’s when I walk my dog in the morning.

  6. Free sure is the best Dawn. I picked a few myself today! Absolutely beautiful.

    1. Debbie, do you carry garden nippers in your purse too?

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