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Fall Landscape Today Vs. A Year Ago

Easy Rustic Entrance Marker Decorated for Fall With a Single Pumpkin

This is what it can look like in Michigan when we have normal weather with days of rain, and below is what it looks like when we have zero, zip, nada raindrop in months. 

Fall Landscape DroughtAnd the next two photos (one above and one below) are current conditions. 

Fall Landscape After Drought

All spring, summer, and fall we’ve sat on our deck and looked out over farmland for days, watching a storm brewing with all the thunder and lightening only to see it split and go around us without spilling even a drop.

Easy Rustic Entrance Marker Decorated for Fall With a Single Pumpkin

Amazing the difference a little rain can make. I keep a journal of what I do every day and what the weather is like. I actually went back and counted the number of times I had to mow from May through September, our normal mowing season, it was a total of 7 times. If we have rain I normally mow ever 3-5 days just to keep up with it but not this year.

Easy Rustic Entrance Marker Decorated for Fall With a Single Pumpkin

I’m so disappointed with how the landscape looks right now but there’s nothing I can do with the conditions as dry as they are. My late summer early fall blooming things were over 3 weeks early this year; everything seems to be out of sorts.

Believe me I’m not complaining about not having to mow acres and acres of land but the crunchy straw like grass on bare feet sure isn’t what summers all about.

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  1. I love the letters on the rock and the garden there looks very nice.

    1. Thank you Betty hubby did that for me and I love it.

  2. Same here in Indiana. Brown grass and dead plants. Spring was so beautiful and green but no rain to keep the late summer and fall beauty going.

    1. Pat, I’m amazed how awful things look and I already have maple trees bare of leaves. I’m wondering what winter will bring?

  3. I love THS design. It’s simple, yet gorgeous. The large bolder with the wonderful lettering of your last name. And the solar light to show this fabulous display off at night. You nailed this.

    1. Ivory, I’m all about simple and easy maintenance. I used to have perennials but they’re just to much upkeep so I have very few now and mostly shrubs that I only have to trim once every 3 years.

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