Fall’s Sugar Maple Leaves

Fall Leaves

Fall is coming on strong here in Michigan. The days are getting shorter and much cooler, I am wearing pants and sweatshirts most every day. I know so many of you are still having hot temps, but here it’s just beautiful weather. I wanted to show you how our leaves are already changing. This is the Sugar Maple that sits in the middle of our driveway the leaves are already a bright rust color, with many already dropping.


I love all the seasons but Fall is a favorite of mine all the leaves here in Michigan give off a beautiful show. The colors range from a bright pink, to oranges and crimsons. There’s no better place to be when the Fall Leaves start to change. I do wish the days stayed longer, but I know it is all part of a cycle and it gives us time to hibernate and get to bed a little bit earlier. Sometimes in the winter months it’s dark by 4 in the afternoon, and I find myself wanting to get into my pj’s. Is anyone else experiencing the changing color of the leaves yet? 


Fall into Autumn

Stop in tomorrow night to see another round in our “Fall into Autumn” series. If you missed the prior weeks you can see them here: Fall Mantels, Fall Porches.






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    1. Pam, Thanks for stopping, I see you are getting my site to work for you now:) Glad to have you back.

  1. Hi Dawn,
    Yes, Fall is in the air here too. The days are still warm, but not hot!!! And the nights are cooling off a lot. I need to add another blanket to the bed! We don’t get a whole lot of variation in leave color here, but just one hour away in the mountains we sure do! I enjoy seeing the changing colors each time we go up, from week to week! I can hardly wait for sweatshirt weather!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, our season seems to have started early this year. We no longer have windows open here and my guest house is using there heat.

  2. They are changing here in Pa, I’m sure up in the mountains there is a lot more change. I love the reds and bright gold but the full view is in October. Have a great week ahead!

    1. Rondell I think our show will be early here this year, but I agree the mountain area would be beautiful.

  3. Don says our Sugar Maple leaves are turning and lots are already falling. Let the raking and gutter cleaning begin!


    1. Claudia, I bet yours are looking like mine. Thankfully we have no trees near gutters at my place.

  4. Dawn,
    How gorgeous. I love when the sugar maples change they are so pretty and vibrant in their leaves changing color. This weather has been beautiful.

    1. Kris, the leaves should be changing in your area too about now.

    1. Brenda it was 32 this morning when I walked the dog:)

  5. Fall has arrived in Ohio but the leaves are not changing yet…some are just beginning to turn a little gold. I’m ready though. Love the cooler temps. Now if all the mosquitoes would just die. ha! See you tonight!

  6. Ann, we never had the mosquito issue this year and it was 32 when I walked my dog this morning. See you tonight!

  7. Beautiful sugar maple leaf photos! I’m in Southeast Michigan so I’m seeing just the tips of some of the trees turn color. I hate to see the leaves go but boy do they put on a show before they drop their leaves. It’s dark by 8:00 already and yes, it does get me to bed early. This time of year is my favorite for campfires in the backyard!

    1. Sandy, I am in SW Michigan. The football team and cheerleaders had a fire by our pond Saturday night and enjoyed the cooler temps.

    1. Susan, Ours are moving fast I see a big difference everyday in the colors.

  8. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. We have our cornstalks out but no pumpkins yet.. I hope that they are ready soon. The leaves have started to turn here and we have gotten two nights of light frost. Dark out at the bus stop in the morning, that is my least favorite part….very difficult to explain to younger children, Why must I be up before the sun?????

    1. Deb, I know what you mean it is hard to go work in the dark and come home in the dark too. We had a pretty good frost last night. When I walked the dog this morning it was 32 out.

  9. Things are feeling quite “Fall-ish” here in western Colorado as well. We’ve had many cool and rainy days recently, the trees are beginning to show off their colors and the chilly nights have called for an extra blanket : ) Your photos are beautiful!

    1. Jeanette, Thank your for stopping in, we are close to turning on the heat here:( It was 32 this morning when I walked the dog. I think Fall is officially here.

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