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Fall Log Home Living Room Tour

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of TurquoiseIn my attempt to downsize and weed out I also decided to consolidate my decor items and only keep what fit into a certain color palette. The colors I decided to keep are gray, tan, brown, rust, and a small amount of green and turquoise (I figured I could throw in the turquoise for spring and summer). I was amazed ashamed at how many pillow covers I had, but I’ve now paired them down to around 40 and as the year goes by those that I don’t use will be paired down even further. The slipcovers I have are neutral, butter, rust, loden, and blue denim. I think they will all still work with the colors I’m keeping. 

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of TurquoiseI painted the frame that was once turqoise to a nice earthy mushroom tone for fall and winter (BTW the wreath giveaway is still going on, click here to enter). I’ve never been a fan of our tv stand, but also can’t find one that I like so I’ve been working with it for years and this is the first time I made an attempt to style the shelves on the opposite end. 

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of TurquoiseI gathered up things from around the house that had a fall feel and had the same colors I was working with. I even grabbed a birdhouse that was intended for my landscaping, but I can always move that when spring and the birds arrive. I like to pick up birdhouses on clearance at the end of the season and have them ready for the next year. 

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of TurquoiseI must admit I’m no shelf styler that’s for sure, but the look is something I can live with it doesn’t look to terribly bad. It’s also nice to see different items displayed and it’s always a good time for a good dusting when I move things around. I really like the copper acorn and am on the hunt for more copper things to display. 

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of TurquoiseI think for winter I will change both chairs to the natural slipcover and add a few christmas pillows but other than that I’m planning on leaving the colors as they are. It’s quite freeing to downsize and make what I have work. I’ve always felt our home looks best decorated in earthy colors, because of the logs, but for some reason I’m always trying to fight it. In my heart I’m not an earthy tone girl but I guess I’m trying to rethink it all and go with what works. 

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of TurquoiseDid you notice I painted the small stand under the guitar black and swapped out my curtains to the gray and white buffalo check? For a girl who hates to paint I sure do my fair share of it. All last week I painted the exterior doors 2 sets of entry doors, and 3 sets of french doors the same earthy mushroom color of the frame. I’m getting ready for other changes that’s taking place on both porches. Boy the work never ends, does it?

Fall Log Home Living Room Tour Using Rust, Gray, Brown, Yellow, and Pops of Turquoise


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  1. Your room looks so lovely! I am curious about the two living room chairs. Do you know what style or brand they are? I would love to get away from using recliner type chairs in our living room and get two matching chairs similar to yours. Thanks.

    1. Angie the sofa and chairs are both from JCPenney the Linden Street Collection and they come with different colored slipcovers.

    1. Linda I know and I hate to paint. I’ve been painting our rental home every day too.

  2. Definitely looks like Fall in your house. I have loved all the cheery bright colors you have incorporated around the year. I think your log walls are the perfect neutral. That copper acorn really pops on the shelf and goes with Mr. Owl perfectly. 🙂

    1. Pam I guess I just have to give and and realize neutral is best for our house.

  3. I am amazed at the number of bloggers who are purging and cleaning.

    Your house always looks so warm and welcoming.

    We purged when we downsized to our little cottage and I can’t have too much out or the house looks cramped. I want to badly to put my grandpa’s childhood rocker ( I used it too as did my kids) next to the fireplace, but just that little chair makes the room look crowded. I think I will use it at Christmas though.

    1. Carol if you love it you should use it and enjoy the memories that come with it.

  4. Your living room looks very warm and cozy Dawn.
    Sure love that cute owl!
    You pared down to 40 pillow covers….
    It’s amazing how those items pile up without us realizing it.

    1. Kim, yes I’m still ashamed to say I have 40.

  5. Kathleen G says:

    Dawn, you have a warm and welcoming home. I always enjoy reading your blog and I love your Fall decor, especially the copper acorn! Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I love that copper acorn too, It’s from TJMaxx.

  6. Hi Dawndie! OH, everything looks so pretty! I love your furniture and the way you have positioned the pieces. Love all of the light you have in your home! It’s almost Thanksgiving! Hope all is well with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia I always like to move the furniture around, it always feels cleaner to me when I do.

  7. I so love seeing your beautiful living room all in one beautiful room tour. I do like the fact that you changed our the color scheme to the warmer colors of Fall and the tones of gray and white. The room is so very warm and cozy…I can just imagine sitting in that room on a winter’s day looking out and seeing the snow and feeling enveloped by a most gorgeous room.
    Just love all of the beautiful changes you have made!

    1. Thank you Shirley I’m determined to stick with this color scheme and use what I have from now on. The stuff just accumulates too fast and there’s no place to store it.

  8. So pretty….have you though of getting an area rug?

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