Master Bedroom in Fall

Master Bedroom with Sunflowers

It’s time to change the look of the loft bedroom from Summer over to Fall. I do love a Fall Master Bedroom with warm yellows and comfy quilts on the bed. Our temps here in Michigan have been in the low 30’s in the morning, and that extra quilt is needed. I still like to sleep with a window open, even in the winter, no matter how cold it gets. I would rather turn on my electric mattress pad and throw on an extra blanket than not have fresh air. So far we haven’t had to turn the heat on, the days are warm enough to heat up the logs and it radiates the warmth all night long.


Fall Master Bedroom

This room gets the most sun in the Fall and Winter month, making it a sunny, cozy space. There are very few item that were purchased new in the room other than the bed. The green dressing table was my moms when she was little and it has made it’s rounds from family member to family member, finally landing at my house. The white chair was a garage sale purchase for $1, I have painted it several times in different colors and normally there is a cat sleeping on it, it’s here favorite spot.


Master Bedroom in Fall

The quilt on the bed is a family heirloom and is well over 100 years old. It is in great condition still too, I make sure and have it dry cleaned rather than running it through the wash. I hope that is a better cleaning method for it. The buffalo check curtains were made by me. I purchased the fabric on line, and here’s my little secret…. they are no sew….I used carpet tape to make the rod pocket and used tape at the bottom to hem them. 


Galvanized Bucket with Sunflowers

And who could resist a bright bouquet of sunflower in a galvanized bucket. They are the perfect Fall flower for our log home bedroom. There are 5 other bloggers on the “Fall Around the House” tour, make sure you stop by their place and see what room they have decorated for fall.


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  1. Hi Dawn, what a lovely bedroom. I am sure that just looking at the yellow color brings much warmth on cold Michigan days. It is so bright and cheery. Happy Fall!!

    1. Laura, thanks for popping in:) I love that the room is an open space, it makes is so much brighter with no walls.

  2. I just love your master bedroom no matter what season you decorate it for.

    1. Thank you Kim, nice to have you back from you trip.

  3. What a cozy, cheery and inviting Fall bedroom, Dawn. I love your heirloom pieces, and the pops of yellow are beautiful! I envy the clean, crisp air you have up there … I’d sleep with my windows open, too!

    1. Becca, Thank for having a look-see. I finally have a bedroom with lots of space to decorate and with all the sun streaming in it makes it more enjoyable.

  4. How pretty. I would love this bedroom. Looks peaceful by night and cheery by day with the sunlight streaming in. I love your quilt too.

    1. Thanks Debbie, I have never cared what my bedroom looked like until we built this house, now it is an open space and I enjoy decorating is so much more than our previous house.

  5. Dawn, I love your sunny bedroom and I’m wild over your heirloom quilt! Your buffalo check curtains make for such a cheery room, love that they are no sew, my kind of project!

    1. Mary, Thank for stopping in. The quilt is a special treasure to me, there are still 2 in the family and I have one.

  6. Hey! We’re “cabin colleagues” and now I’m inspired to “change it out” for the season…flannel sheets here we come! Warm thoughts! franki

    1. Well nice to have a fellow cabin lover:) Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you Pat for stopping by for a look-see!

    1. Great new term Martina, thanks for looking”)

    1. Thank you for stopping over Kelly, I enjoyed decorating for the event.

  7. Ohhhh. This is so wonderful! The quilt, curtains and touches of fall make it so cozy. There are no quilts in my family and I’ve been looking for one but so far have come up with nothing. Thanks for sharing this lovely room…happy to be falling around the house with you!

    1. Ann, thanks for taking the time to drop by today:) I know how busy you are right now. Good luck finding an old quilt, they are very hard to find in good condition.

  8. So Bright and Cheerful ! Yes you are correct not to run that quilt through the wash…I have an old Dresden from my grandmother that she gave to me years ago and I USED it, not knowing any better and I also machine washed it. I still have it but it is not in the best condition due to me not knowing any better back then! 🙁

    1. Deb, glad to hear I am doing the right thing with the quilt. I have had others tell me that sometimes dry cleaners will steal the very old quilts and tell you they lost it, and just want to pay you a small fee for the quilt. I am always hesitant when I take it in.

  9. Dawn,
    It all looks so cozy and bright. Wow I love your drapes and no sew even better! Love your fall bedroom retreat.

    1. Kris, yes no sew, I know it’s not the right way but it sure is easy.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping in to comment:)

  10. We just put our flannel sheets on Saturday. Truly there is just something about Fall, maybe because after a hot summer it just feels so good to snuggle in the flannel sheets under a good warm quilt and dream…….

    1. Deb, I agree I love my flannel sheets they are always warm. My kids love them so much they like them on their beds year round.

  11. I love the cheery colors.
    I have one of my grandmothers hand made quilts. It was made from my dad and uncles shirts. My grandmother saved them and made quilts from them. She could tell you at what age they wore that shirt as she pointed out each section of the quilt. The quilt pattern is called Pinwheel. I need to dig it out of the cedar chest and use it at the foot of my bed. Now that she is gone, it will bring back sweet memories.
    I was trying to think what curtains I wanted to use in my bedroom, I am really liking the buffalo check. Now to go fabric shopping.

    1. Pamela, what a sweet story about the quilt. I love it when they can name the fabric piece for what it once was. I purchase my buffalo check fabric from fabric.com and get the best price. You need to check their prices.

  12. Hi Cindy, I just came to visit from Mary’s blog-so glad I did. I love your style and the use of vintage items as well as antique quilts.
    I wanted to share that I am a quilter who has been given five antique quilts from family-so I love them. All the quilts were owned by family that smoked and they never cared for the quilts. I did some research back about 10 years ago on the best way to clean and care for antique quilts, so thought I might share with you-since you cherish yours so much. Since your quilt has done alright with dry cleaning-that’s great; I just saw two antique quilts, over 100 yrs old, that fell apart during the process-so very sad. I would suggest that you might want to rethink having it dry cleaned in the future-the chemicals alone will break down the fabric and threads; which I am sure would break your heart. All of the quilts I’ve been given were made in the early 1920’s-almost as old as yours. To get the smoke out and also the yellow staining, I put my quilts in a bathtub with Biz-a no chlorine powder, that an antique dealer told me about to clean antique baby clothes with. I also add in Restoration powder, which is geared towards washing antique quilts and if it is really yucky I add a small bit of detergent. I let the quilt soak for hours-probably three and then change the water and add more Biz and soap. I let them sit from 8 hrs-sometimes overnight, if they are bad. I will rinse it and then hang it to dry. Because your quilt is probably clean you might only need to do this for a few hours. It is amazing how bright and clean the quilts come out; I’ve never had any issues before with it not working. Quilts were made to be washed and used; I’m sure your ancestors would be pleased that you use it. I hope you don’t mind the suggestion-just don’t want yours destroyed by chemicals. Please email me if you have any questions; also if you are interested I do have photos of them on my blog.
    Hugs, Noreen

    1. Noreen, thank you for all the helpful information on cleaning the antique quilt. I am always leery when I take it to the cleaner, I have heard they sometimes steal them to sell and tell you they lost it, and give you a small fee for the quilt. I would hate for that to happen. I will try your method next time. Where do I get the Restoration powder? I have never heard of it.

  13. Dawn
    Your Fall bedroom is so bright and cheery..
    And I can’t believe your curtains are no-sew.
    What a great idea!
    We like our window open too for the fresh air.

    1. Kim, my curtains probably shouldn’t be no sew, but it is easy and fast. LOL

  14. I love a sunny bedroom, Dawn! Don and I argue about this all the time, but I love having a window open during the winter, too. He gets cold easily. I tend to run hot. But more importantly, I love the fresh air!


    1. Claudia, My hubby is the same as your Don but I do sneak it open when he doesn’t notice.

  15. Your bedroom definitely presents such warmth and beauty for Fall….I love the feeling of coziness that you have so wonderfully accomplished in the colors and decor of the room…truly a beautiful bedroom for Fall Dawn!

    1. Thank you Shirley, I love our bedroom for the first time ever. I always hated how dark the one was in our old home. Now it is fresh and bright.

  16. I love the pop of color with the sunflowers in the galvanized bucket. And I always love buffalo checks! Such a warm and inviting space.

    1. Kim, Yes I say buffalo check fabric is the best. I have the curtains in several other color of the same pattern.

    1. Noreen, Thank you so much for the link you are too kind:)

  17. What a cheery , warm and welcoming bedroom Dawn. I luv your take on Fall about the house. Beautiful family pieces..
    Hugs, Gee

    1. Gee, Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you looked back at some of the other fall posts you can see more of the cabin.

  18. So lovely! That is amazing how the wood hold the heat all night. Did you purposely choose that room as your bedroom because of the sun? I know I would have 🙂

    1. Tammy our house was globally positioned. I mapped it to get the coolness of summer and the heat in winter making it more energy efficient. That room doesn’t get sun in the summer but yes for winter is was planned that way. Good observation girl.

  19. Photos look so amazing that I would never leave the room if I had one like that.

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