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Fall the Season, and My Mishap

Sugar Maple Leaf

Fall is in full swing here in my neck of the woods and I fear it will be over quickly. Our temps have taken a drastic drop this week and we are getting very little sunlight. I am having a hard time getting my clothes to dry on the line. I may have to admit defeat and put them in the dryer to remove the remaining dampness.


Dandelion Gone to Seed

This has not been the prettiest fall for Michigan, I think the leaves aren’t as vibrant when rainfall is less than average. We will be getting rain every day for the rest of this week, which will bring a lot of the leaves to the ground and before we know it there will be bare branches covered in snow. Michigan is predicted to have a harsh winter this year. My family will love that, we all downhill ski and snowmobile. 


Fall Tree

I have had a rough two weeks, I fell down the stairs last week and two days later fell off a chair while vacuuming out the high window sills. Apparently you can’t put the canister vac, that’s on wheels, up on the chair and stand on it. Wow, did I take a crash and have several bruises to show for it. I thought for sure my arm was broke and it may be but I am toughing it out. To make matters worse I fell exactly one week later, tripped in the dark, and that same arm that is black and blue from wrist to armpit took another blow on the corner of the dresser. My whole body hurts from head to toe and I look like I took a serious flogging. 



And to top it all off my 94 year old grandmother has been in the hospital from a stoke. She had 3 strokes while in their care and so far they have done nothing for her. I think at her age it is a gamble to do the surgery to unclog the artery that is blocked in her neck. She is the backbone of my fathers side of the family and it is so tough to see her in this condition. Her mind is perfect, even the doctors comment on how lively and strong she is. I was with her 2 days before all this happened and she was getting ready to head to the barn to feed the horses. I am praying that a good woman can’t be kept down for long.  I sure hope my week sees some improvement soon, Im not sure how much more I can take.





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  1. Oh, my goodness Dawn I hope you are feeling better. I can just imagine how sore you are and then to bump it your arm…ouch!

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother, 95 to live to be that age is just wonderful,,.I’ll keep you in my prayers for a fast healing,

    Our fall here has been so nice weather wise but the leaves aren’t vibrant at all.

    1. Rondell, I so appreciate you putting my Grandmother on your prayer list. I could ask for nothing better:)

  2. WOW… I am praying for you this morning…. don’t know you personally of course…. but prayers have no boundaries…. Praying for a speedy restoration for your health… and much comfort and peace concerning your grandmother!!! I just started following your blog… your home is just beautiful… I am a sucker for cabins!!!!!! Be Blessed today……… Terri

    1. Terri, you are so sweet thank you for the prayers, I can use all I can get right now:) I to believe prayer is the answer.

  3. Wow, Dawn! You’ve had a rough go of it! I hope you and your grandmother are both feeling your best soon!

    1. Thank you Susan, I appreciate your comment.

  4. Oh my goodness! You have certainly taken a toll on your body, physically and emotionally lately. Please take it easy and get yourself recuperated. If there’s one thing I can tell you to help it is ibuprofen and ice! You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Susan, thank you for the advice and putting us in your prayers. I feel truly blessed with al my blog friends.

  5. I am new to your blog and love it……where in Mich are you at as we are in Jackson!

    1. Jeanie, No way are you in Jackson, we are very close I am in Bellevue.

  6. Oh Dawn…I am so sorry to hear about both your fall(s), and your Grandma. Having just been through this with Nana, I know your hurting heart. Praying she does not suffer. And as for you my dear, you need to be seen by a dr. in case you did break something. I am the worlds biggest klutz, and am famous for taking nasty falls! I have had more stitches than anyone here at our house! Take it easy kiddo.

    1. Kris, I am also a Klutz so it is normal for me, but so many times in 2 weeks is a little much. They were able to put my Grama on some meds and so far no new stokes, so we are praying that does the trick.

  7. First, I hope your grandmother is doing okay. It is so hard to watch the matriarch of the family lose strength.

    Second, BE CAREFUL! I have done some silly things like you and fallen. I am very careful now. If you don’t watch out, you will be sitting in the ski lodge knitting while the family is out on the slopes- been there done that.

    1. Carol, that is to funny, I have never thought I could actually get hurt and not be able to participate in skiing.

  8. Thinking of you, Dawn, and sending healing energy to your beloved grandmother. You’ve had a hard time of it lately and I say, “Enough already! Leave Dawn alone!”

    I’ll try to call you today and see how your grandmother is doing, my friend. By the way, the leaves are all off our sugar maple. We had a windy storm about a week ago and it finished off all the leaves. It’s getting cold here, too.


    1. Claudia, It is cold here today and I can’t seem to get warm. I so hate to start the heat and am not looking forward to the bill, but it must be done. I will be in all day if you have time to call.

  9. Oh my goodness Dawn. As you know once you fall you are far more likely to fall again. I saw that frequently as a hospital nurse. Slow that cleaning down for a spell. I will pray for you and your grandmother. xo, olive

    1. Olive, thank you for the prayers. I have been a faller my whole life, very klutzy I sure hope it doesn’t progress I am in my 40’s and this will not be good with age.

  10. Dear Dawn, I’m so sorry for all the bumps to your arm-I am praying now that the Great Physician will totally restore and heal your body. You are blessed to have a grandmother who is 95; many times at that frail age, a person just couldn’t survive surgery. I am sure they are doing their best to prevent any further strokes and help her regain her stability. Medicine has come so far-my own mother had a massive stroke at 61 but during those years, there wasn’t much that could be done.
    I well know of trials that take you right to edge of what a person can handle-but He never drops us or lets us go beyond our limits.
    Hugs and prayers,

    1. Noreen, thank you so much for the prayers. They did manage to put Gram on some meds instead of surgery and so far no more strokes. We have 24 more hours to wait and if no new episodes they are going to assume the meds are doing the trick.

  11. I was so sorry to here about your week. I will be praying for your family and the trials they are all going through, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, we just rarely know what those reasons are. I pray for your continued strength through everything….Deb

    1. Deb, I agree things happen for a reason we just don’t always know why. I appreciate your prayers and am so blessed to have blog friends like you.

  12. Oh, Dawn — I’m sorry it’s been a rough time lately. I hope you heal up soon, and feel back to yourself! Praying for your grandma — and for wisdom for her doctors! Thinking of you. ~Sally

    1. Sally, your prayers are so appreciated. Thank you:)

  13. I hope that things are improving with you and your family Dawn. Those were a couple of nasty falls you took and that sort of bruising takes its toll on your body. Think positive thoughts and things will improve daily.
    We have had a rainy day and the temperatures are beginning to get cooler … for sure it is big sweater weather now.

    1. Linda, we are wearing long johns here all ready, it is in the 40’s. I think we will make a quick turn into winter and have a cold one this year. Not looking forward to those heating cost.

  14. So sorry to hear about your grandmother…what a strong woman she must be to be out feeding horses at 93 – I, too, took a fall last weekend while out for a walk- luckily the hubby was with me. I am sorry to hear that the fall colours aren’t that good in Michigan…we are taking a trip to Muskegan in a week or so – hopefully it won’t be too cold and there will be still be leaves to see
    It is cooler here in Ontario today as well, but our leaves are still green and just starting to turn colours.

    1. Cheryl, the leaves are pretty just not as colorful as most years. If it keeps raining many trees will have dropped their leaves. I think you will still have a good show. My grandmother wanted to help put hay up in the barn this year too, she is feisty. You were lucky to have hubby with you when you fell. I seem to do it all by myself.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I am fortunate to have so many blogging friends.

  15. I will keep your gramma in my prayers and you……that you both have a speedy recovery. I fell 1 1/2 – 2 years ago now also cleaning, long story short, windows above the master suite tub, well, to this day I ‘m still having major issues with my leg. I am also in my 40’s and will pray this will heal for you. I think you’re right we’re at the age where we do have to start being more careful. Your autumn leaves photos are so beautiful…we live way more south than you and we’re still green here and in the mid- seventies during the day…..I can’t waaaaait til the colors change here, they’ve just barely started.Best Wishes to you and your grandmother. Toodles, Barbi

    1. Barbi, thank you for the much needed prayers. If it continues to rain all week most of our leaves will be down. It has been in the 40’s here. My mom took a baseball to her leg 2 years ago and the lump is still there. I have a huge lump in my arm and am beginning to think it may never go away.

  16. Praying for your grandmother and also thinking of you and hoping that you are recovering from all of your mishaps!!!…Please be careful and take care of yourself!…Gorgeous pics Dawn!

  17. Oh Dawn I am so sorry to hear about your falls…take care of yourself no more mishaps! Saying prayers for your grandmother, hope all will be well.
    I almost had a mishap of my own last week, I was vaccuming the top of my dining room hutch and went to get down forgetting I was standing on a high counter stool and not the regular kitchen chair…let’s just say it’s a good thing I caught myself because it could have been ugly lol!
    Feel better:)

    1. Martina, Thank you for your prayers. Oh no not you too. Must be vacuuming is a dangerous job for us.

  18. So sorry to hear about your falls and about your grandmother. Keeping both of you in my prayers. Hope all is better soon.

    1. Thank you Cindy, we can use all the prayers we can get.

  19. Well, Dawn, what on earth, girl. Sounds like something I would do. You better get that arm checked if it is truly black and blue. I waited around for a week with a broken foot that was black where it broke. It isn’t going to just go away. A cast will make it feel so much better.

    Hope your grandmother gets better soon!

    1. Kim, I was afraid I have already waited to long and they may not do anything about it. They sent gram home tonight she is much better with a med change.

  20. Oh girl, none of that is good, none of it. I hate to tell you if your arm is broken, you need a cast. I waited it out with Jack when he injured his foot a few years back. Turns out 4 bones on the top of his foot were cracked, if I had waited any longer he would have had worse problems. You know this, get to the doc!

    1. Debbie, I was afraid that I have already waited to long. I did the same thing with my foot, was sure it was broke and after 3 years of pain had to have it fixed. You would think I would learn from past experience.

  21. Oh my! I am just getting around to opening this! You have had a rough time! I know you are a tough girl but sometimes you have to seek medical help. (I hate going to doctors, too!) Hope your grandmother is doing better now that they are giving her some meds. Will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers!

    1. Jane, Thank you so much for the prayers they are appreciated:)

  22. Oh Dawn. Why do these things seem to come in repeats? I have done the same thing before and you get pretty banged up and feeling silly. Hope you feel better and less blue very soon.

    1. Stacey, me to. Thank so much. I am not sure why I seem to keep injuring the same spot over and over, it sure is sore.

  23. Oh you HAVE had a horrible time of it…I hope your grandmother will be alright and as to you , please stay off all chairs and ladders for awhile!!

    1. Deb, I will certainly rethink what I climb on from now on.

  24. I am sending prayers up for both you and your grandmother. In the meantime stay off those chairs. xo Laura

    1. Laura, good advice and thank you for the prayers.

  25. As I am reading this late, I am happy to hear your grandma is doing much better! But I am wondering about you? Please be careful!

    1. Susie, The soreness all over my body is about gone but I sill am very bruised. Not sure if the large lump in my arm will ever go away. I think I learned my lesson, and not stand on vacuums and chairs to get the job done.

  26. Dawn, I will send up some prayers for you and your grandmother. My paternal G-ma would have been 100 on the 16th, had she lived. She passed away when she was 97 and we all miss her so. In her 90’s she made it through some tough times and rallied and I’m praying your grandmother does well also. I also hope you don’t take any more tumbles! I sometimes think I am too cautious.. therefore slow at getting things done.. because I’m worried I’ll get hurt. lol, how’s that for an excuse? What I really need is a good neighbor and example like you in my neck of the woods. So, that just tells me I need to check in here more often for inspiration. I also miss your WIWW posts.. they inspired me and I’m doing so much better in that dept. Thanks so much for all the inspiration you share.. and I hope things are off to a better start this week!! 🙂 A very long comment, but I haven’t checked in for awhile! 😉

    1. Tammy, So nice to hear from you:) My gram is home and doing wonderful she’s not planning on giving up any time soon. Boy I haven’t done a WIWW post in forever. I blog so much now it seems like all I wear is sweats. LOL

  27. Oh no, Dawn! I hope you are better. Be careful!!! I realize I am seeing this post a little late. How is your grandmother?

    1. Tammy, thanks for stopping by. Gram is doing great, my post tomorrow is about her if you have time to take a look.

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