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Fall Sunflower and Apple Tablescape

SunflowerApple Tablescape

Fall is in the air here in my neck of the woods, and what better time to show off some of Michigan’s harvest but with a Fall Sunflower and Apple Tablescape. I know sunflowers and apples grow in other states too but you have never had a more delicious apple than the ones grown in Michigan. This time of year you can drive by fields littered with sunny faces turned toward the sky with all the sunflowers in bloom, it’s pure majesty. And this is the perfect season for showing a simple fall tablescape using what nature provides.  No fancy dishes or lit candles, just pure organic beauty.



This apple is a new variety to me, one that I have never tried. It’s called “Zestar” it’s an early variety so you can enjoy the apple season a little bit before the others selections are ripe. I like a firm apple that is sweet with a hint of zesty tart zing towards the middle, and these were perfect.  Definitely an apple that I would purchase again. My family doesn’t like apple pie so I only buy them for eating.  Have you ever heard of a family not liking apple pie?  I love it but don’t make a whole pie for myself, because we all know what would happen, I would also have to eat that whole pie myself and my waist line surely doesn’t need that.  Every now and again, I will dehydrate the apple slices to munch on like chips in the winter months.



There are two different kinds of sunflowers in the tablescape one with bright yellow petals and one with burnt orange and yellow petals.  It’s so hard to decided which variety is more beautiful, so I won’t be partial, I’ll just admire them both. I was so disappointed when the deer ate my garden this year, I always grow sunflowers and this year I am missing them. They always brighten my day just by looking out at their golden faces. 



As you can see my tablescape is very easy and affordable to do. I love that I will get enjoyment from the flowers and the apples will be eaten in the next couple of days. The wire basket it from Big Lots, the galvanized sap bucket was a flea market find, the gingham tablecloth was found at a garage sale and the yellow dinner plates are from Target.  And the perfect place to show it all off is on my back porch in the early morning sunlight. 



Speaking of my porch, this is the porch that is off the dining room where the two french doors are. I’m not sure if you noticed but hubby got busy this week and put the railing up.  The deck went on two years ago, I can’t believe it was that long ago, and we never got around to putting a railing up. I never liked the idea of having a wooden railing with wooden slat spindles I always thought it would block our beautiful view. Our ponds are back here and we see so many deer and turkey in the field and near the water that I felt a chunky wooden rail would block us from seeing nature.  So after two years of thinking on it, I decided hog panels would be perfect. They get narrower towards the bottom (to keep the piggies in) so it would be perfect also to keep people from putting a foot through and falling off the deck.  This side of the house is on the second story on the back side of the cabin.  I think hubby turned my vision into the perfect deck rail. He did it all in one day too, it is so nice to have a handy hubby.



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Fall Sunflower and Apple Tablescape




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  1. I don’t even have words for how stunning I think your photos are…just amazing. What a perfect place to start the day. Your sunflowers in the bucket are my favorite thing…along with the view!

    1. Ann you are to kind. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, can you see my head welling? LOL

  2. That last picture needs to be in a magazine, it is sooooo amazing Dawn!

    1. Debbie, that would be great. I wish some magazine would find it.

  3. Dawn I have to jump on the band wagon and say I love your pictures. They are stunning so magazine worthy. Love the sunflowers in the tin. So gorgeous. You captured everything so nicely.

    1. Thank you Kris, I worked on the photos for my post today and hope to have everything over to Susan tomorrow:)

    1. Thank you Jeanette, I enjoy the deck more now with the rail on. It never seemed safe before:)

  4. Oh my gosh Dawn! Your photographs are breathtaking! You have a true understanding of light and it’s so evident in your photos! I noticed your railing immediately and I love it! You are so lucky to live near where apples grow! They don’t grow well here because we do not have enough nights with low temps that the trees need. But they are grown in the upper part of our state and I will have to look for the variety you mentioned. Right now my favorite is Pink Lady!

  5. OH my word! It’s all gorgeous – and I have to say that I agree with every comment above – magazine worthy! I would love to sit on your deck during the early morning hours – beautiful creation!

    1. Heather, thank you so much you are so sweet. I would love for you all to stop in for a visit.

  6. Hi Dawn. Love it!
    Hey, how is the new business going? I see some of your designs around blogland. You rock!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, Thank you for asking:) It is going good, I am keeping busy.

  7. Oh my – what a spot! Beautiful. Love that railing too. Yay for finished projects! Enjoy.

    1. Sally, thank you so much for stopping in for a look-see. I feel much better now that the railing is on, I was always worried someone would step off the side and crash to the ground.

  8. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Dawn…that shot looking out into the field is stunning!
    The railing looks great too!

    1. Thank you Martina:) It is the perfect place to take photos, the sky is normally beautiful over the corn field.

    1. Jennifer, they do me too:) Such happy flowers.

    1. Linda, I am loving the look of the new railing and everyone notices it right away.

  9. Dawn
    I always like natures table and I can see why you would set yours on your lovely deck.
    The railing with the open wire was such a good idea!
    All your photo are great .

    1. Kim, Thank you so much:) I am loving the new look out there, I think we picked the perfect fit for us.

  10. Gorgeous setting, Dawn! But I have to tell you that the area I live in is known for apples and cider and the orchards that abound here. So I have to brag about our incredibly delicious apples! And I’m from Michigan, originally!


    1. Claudia, We need to have an apple taste off. LOL

  11. beautiful pictures Dawn….awesome !!! Christine from Little brags

    1. Thank you Christine, I think simple is better sometimes:)

  12. Beautiful simplicity! Love the railing! What a genius idea!

    1. Kathy, Thank you, I like the idea pretty well myself.

  13. Gorgeous photos Dawn! Love those awesome sunflowers. I really do like your railing around your deck. That’s so much better than one that ruins the view. Great idea!!


  14. Not a blogger — just a reader and inspiration seeker. Your photos are stunningly spectacular and the deck railing is awesome!!
    So much better than the typical, boring wooden slat railings. Best deck railing I have ever seen — love it!!!

    1. Karen, what a kind comment. I normally go agains the grain and the rail fits right in with our cabin, I think it was one of my better ideas:)

  15. The blue and white check tablecloth . . . the yellow plates . . . the little basket for apples. . . all PERFECT.

    1. Thank you Carol, it was simple also:) Makes for the best tablescape!

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