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Fall Window Box

Simple Fall Window Box Planted with Mums Against the Rustic Backdrop of a Log HomeIt’s time to change my window boxes over to fall. The summer flowers were looking pretty pitiful anyway so I was ready to yank them out and have something fresh to look at. I ran across a great deal at Lowes, mums for $1 so that’s what I decided to go with.  

Simple Fall Window Box Planted with Mums Against the Rustic Backdrop of a Log HomeI thought they fit in with all the other mums on the porch so it was an easy update. I happened to get up at sunrise and take these photos. I really like the pretty glow that the morning has when just enough sunlight is hitting the side of the cabin. 

Sunflower BloomThis is my last sunflower bloom of the season. It happened to be a stray that came up all on it’s own in my strawberry patch. I just love it when something unexpected and beautiful happens. I thought it would never bloom because the deer kept giving it a midnight trim, but finally the moved on to something new (probably my vegetable garden) and the sunflower had a chance to grow. 

Simple Fall Window Box Planted with Mums Against the Rustic Backdrop of a Log HomeThe last thing I have to do is cut down all the herbs you see in this photo. We have a log that needs to be replace right beside the window so I will cut them all back and move the root balls to a temporary spot for the winter until hubby gets the log replaced. We got a call from the sawmill that the logs we need have been cut, so we now just have to take the trailer north and pick them up. I sure hope the weather holds out long enough to get the work done, that’s always a gamble in Michigan. 


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  1. The mums look bright and cheery. The weather has changed here and cooled down quite a bit, especially overnight. I’ve been busy working to tidy up the garden and get it ready for winter.

  2. I love the early morning hours, my favorite time to go out and walk among my flowers. I just love Mums, I pop them in the ground once I am done with them in the pot and the favor me with fresh flowers next Fall. I know you get a bit colder in winter but it is worth a shot. We actually got a good rain yesterday, a good long soaking. It finished off the Butte Fire, thankfully. It was nice for a day but now I am ready for some sunshine again.

    1. Pam I’ve never been able to get the mums to come back, another reader told me there are to variety and if I didn’t purchase the winter hardy ones they won’t come back.

  3. Are you aware that Lowe’s and Home Depot’s nursery flowers are loaded with pesticides that kill bees? They have said they are weaning down to lessor amounts….but it will be a few years before their plants are pesticide free…:( SO….$1.00 per plant is not a good deal at all since those plants kill bees…..:(

    1. Dolores that’s too bad because that’s the only place to buy near me 🙁

  4. I love your rustic porch display, Dawn! And Mums for a dollar, are you kidding?
    I’m sure I will have to pay seven or eight for them here:>( If I can find them, that is…
    We have gotten frost here for the last four nights, so all my flowers are done for.

    1. Kim wow thats alot for mums I don’t think I’d buy at that price.

  5. Your home makes me want to move!!! Honestly I love the cozy, wonderful feel!!!! Cut your herbs and dry them in bundles and use them to put into firepit, fireplace or a grill. They are so aromatic!

    1. Yvonne, that’s a great idea for the herbs I was going to feed them to my chickens it helps them when they molt.

  6. We are getting the fall temps here in Illinois too. My heat kicked on last night so it is getting chilly. At least the sun has been out during the day that helps. Love your mums they looks so pretty. Happy Friday.

    1. Kris I need my heat on but Im holding out hoping it warms up again, it’s down to 63 in the house and Im freezing, lol.

    1. Thank you Chris it’s a favorite of mine too.

  7. Cheryl Major says:

    I Love the sunflower…what a great surprise. What a great deal for the mums @ $1…..and your flower boxes are so cute . The weather is definitely changing whether we like it or not.

    1. Cheryl it is so cold and rainy here today, but I think next week we will have 2 nice days again. Time to get those herbs cut back.

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Very pretty Dawn…I love the sun flower too…

    1. Thank you Nancy, that sunflower is the only big one that grew this year, it must have been a seed from last year because this year I planted a different variety.

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