Farm Fresh Eggs

Thank you to my Bestie and my Stylist for keeping me in farm fresh eggs.
Nothing better!!

I so want chickens of my own, but Hubby say, NO.  I think that is the only NO he has ever given me.  LOL
So I have the next best thing…
Friends that keep me supplied.
If you’ve never had the pleasure of a Farm Fresh Egg you are missing out on some great eats. Take the time to seek out a local farmer who sells eggs.  Once you’ve experienced them you will never go back to store bought again.  You will also be amazed at the bright orange color of the yolk, and how high it will stand.

 Go give em a try

Fresh is Best!!

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  1. Mine said yes, but we don’t have any eggs! Not sure what’s the matter with Nuggets women, maybe when spring arrives?


  2. I love the colors! My brother and his wife have chickens; I just may have to ask them for some fresh eggs.

    Have a great evening.

  3. When I lived in Ohio, we owned a restaurant, and my uncle would bring us fresh eggs from the farm every week. They were great! Thanks for bringing back a precious memory for me.

  4. Hey! those are my hen’s eggs! lol, love love love my chickens.. and their colorful delicious eggs. You have the best of both worlds, and you don’t have to clean out the coop 😉 -Tammy

  5. I will send your our chickens, I hate them, they freak me out, but you are right about the eggs, nothing better

  6. Gosh, besides being good to eat, they sure are pretty! I didn’t think those were real until I read your post. You are lucky to have someone give you the fresh eggs. I’ve never had those, so you’ve piqued my interest. Raising chickens has really become the latest thing. We wouldn’t be able to do that at our home because of zoning requirements for that type of animal. We live in a subdivision and I’m sure my neighbors wouldn’t appreciate it. Ha! Maybe one day I will be able to try some farm fresh eggs so I’ll know what I’m missing.

  7. You’re absolutely right; farm fresh eggs are sooooo wonderful compared with store bought. I used to get them regularly when I lived in the country; now I make do until the Farmer’s Market opens again in May.

  8. Can your cabin be complete without chickens? 🙂 I like your new header and your blog–it looks so nice and bright! Love your pics!

  9. A friend recently gave me eggs from her chickens and I couldn’t believe the ones that had a blue tint! They were so much better than store bought ones. Hugs, Sherry

  10. I have a friend that keeps me supplied in fresh eggs, I’m very thankful! We live in a neighborhood, but if we didn’t, I think I’d have chickens 🙂

  11. I became a chicken-mom a few years ago, and will never go back, I LOVE the daily fresh eggs, not to mention how pretty the eggs are compared to the plain white ones. I’m sorry your husband said no, hens are very easy to keep, and not noisy (it’s the roos that turn off most people, but they’re not necessary just to get eggs). In fact, we think they’re entertaining – we’ve been known to put a flashlight on the ground to attract bugs, just so we could watch the chickens go after them 🙂 They are good for eating LOTS of bugs in the yard too … Oh well, at least you have a source for the eggs,

    Thanks for a lovely blog, I enjoy all of your posts, especially the “What I Wore”- you always look so pulled together and pretty!


  12. The eggs are beautiful & farm fresh is absolutely delish. But…..go with your hubby on this one. My family owned a chicken ranch & sold eggs. Chickens are the messiest darn critters around! And they stink!!! Sorry, I am totally with your hubby on this one…!

  13. What gorgeous eggs! Our hens just lay brown eggs, but you can’t beat the taste of fresh eggs laid by hens who get to scratch in the dirt. Too bad your hubby put the kibosh on having your own hens. I love my ladies and they are so easy to keep. (And they don’t stink!)

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