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Farmhouse Spring/Easter Centerpiece

Farmhouse Centerpiece Using Enamelware, Blue Mason Jars, and Wild Flowers

Let’s just call this simplicity at it’s best. Enamelware, blue Mason jars, and spring flowers just what every farmhouse needs.

Farmhouse Centerpiece Using Enamelware, Blue Mason Jars, and Wild Flowers

I finally pitched the pinecones that were in the enamelware dish pan and decided I really like the look of it on the table, so back it went with a little freshening up for spring and Easter.

Farmhouse Centerpiece Using Enamelware, Blue Mason Jars, and Wild Flowers

I grabbed my blue Mason jars from the cupboard and purchased a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store and plopped them into water. I took no time at all at arranging them. I wanted it to look natural, like I just walked into the meadow, picked a handful of flowers, and placed them in a jar. (I think I’ve been watching to much “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix) Anyone else watch that series?

Farmhouse Centerpiece Using Enamelware, Blue Mason Jars, and Wild Flowers

Ya know sometimes not over thinking things turns out better anyway. I like the no fuss approach these days. I’d rather be outside working than creating things in the house. Hubby was finally able to start our outside projects and I can’t wait to share with you the changes and we also refinished the wood floors this week.

Farmhouse Centerpiece Using Enamelware, Blue Mason Jars, and Wild Flowers

Oh my I must be getting old my back sure is feeling all the work. Between moving furniture, refinishing, and cleaning out the chicken coop this girl went to bed with every muscle aching for several nights in a row but it did feel good to get so much accomplished. We have company coming for 2 weeks in June so I’d like all the outside projects completed by then…..that’s if my back holds out.



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  1. I haven’t seen ‘When Calls The Heart’. but will be checking it out. The blue mason jars look great, and you just can’t beat yellow springtime flowers. xo

    1. Diane I love the show and it has several episodes. It’s addictive so watch out. It’s just good wholesome tv watching.

    1. Thanks Kim I really read for spring, we had nice weather all week but back to rain and snow this week:(

  2. Dawn that is such a cute idea.. Love your yellow❤️ My favs .. Good luck with your back.. I usually do back excercises when it starts nagging. Looking forward to see what your outside projects!

    1. Melissa yellow just seems to fit my place nicely and I don’t seem to get tired of the color like I do so many others. We got the porch project done now if it the weather would just quit raining so I can do a few pics.

    1. Diana I’ve been getting mine at the store too. I wish we would see some blooms in my neck of the woods but it looks like rain and a mix of snow all this week here.

  3. This is a win-win for me because I love enamelware and I love mason jars! Looks lovely. Hope it’s sunny in Michigan today…it’s not here in Ohio!

    1. Nope not here either Ann we are having rain and it looks like rain all week:(

  4. Enamelware … mason jars … fresh flowers … and that fabulous yellow cabinet … PERFECT!

    1. I agree Carol now if the flowers would only bloom here so I could quit purchasing from the store.

  5. It looks and apparently feels like Spring is in the air at your house! I think we all have the tendency to get so excited for Spring that we sometimes overdo and then have to pay the price with our bodies–least I do! My husband a former coach, who I have nicknamed ‘the iceman’ always says “Get the icepack!” It and some ibuprofen seem to do the trick! Your centerpiece looks very welcoming ! You could just add some Easter grass or moss and a couple of eggs to it for your Easter table as well.

    1. Susan I do need to get some moss, that’s a great idea. Yes I do overdo it but I’m always anxious to get things looking good again after a long winter. Now we have rain coming for a week so many of my outdoor plans will be put on hold 🙁

  6. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, Your table centre piece looks great. What a great idea, and it looks so cheery and bright. I envy you, that you can start outside work. It sure does feel good to get the projects completed.

    1. Cheryl we did get one project done outside but now it’s raining and supposed to snow at the end of the week. Im so over winter and want the nice days to stay.

  7. Kathleen G says:

    So refreshing looking, like a breath of fresh spring air !
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I was so excited to have a week of 50-60 temps, it made it feel like spring and put me in the mood to decorate.

  8. I love your centerpiece and may have to copy it. I have everything for it. Just started watching When calls the heart and love it. Sometimes I wish I lived back in those days. Lol

    1. Gina copy away 🙂 I always say I was born in the wrong era, I would have loved to live in a different time too.

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