Farmhouse Farm Animal Printables

Free Farmhouse Printables, Chicken, Cow, PigI’m taking a little break today from sharing fall decorating posts. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful fall ideas out there, and I still have a few of my own to share with you but today it’s farmhouse farm animal printables.

It was time to change the artwork in my entryway hall, last year I used pressed leaf art my son made when he was small but this year I was going for a different look that wouldn’t need to be changed out seasonally. That doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind and add something different for winter but right now I’m all about farmhouse art.

Free Farmhouse Printables, Chicken, Cow, PigFree Farmhouse Printables, Chicken, Cow, PigI went to the computer and came up with these easy farm animal silhouettes. I’m showing them off in my kitchen (even though they’re in my hall) because the hallway is one place that’s very hard to photograph. Luckily I had a nice sunny day when I shot these photos, since then we’ve been having a gloomy fall. Our days are in the 50’s and the nights are right around 40.

Before long we’ll be seeing frost here. It’s that time of year when I check the forecast every night before bed. If it looks like frost I go out and cover the few annual flower I have just to get a little longer out of them. Once we get a hard frost I’ll pull them out and replace them with pumpkins to carry the landscape through until snow arrives. 

Farmhouse Farm Animal Printables

Cow Printable             |             Chicken Printable             |             Pig Printable

To download the prints just click on the links above and feel free to size them to your needs. They will print off as 8X10 if you don’t resize them. I have the matted and framed as 11X14’s if you like the look I have. 

Free Farmhouse Printables, Chicken, Cow, PigI have to tell you what happened to me this week. For those of you who haven’t heard me say this before I’ll say it again, “I’m quite the klutz.”

I headed out the door carrying my camera & tripod, and tripped; my camera went smashing to the ground ruining my 50mm lense. It no longer focuses on it’s own I have to do it manually. It’s not the first time I’ve done this either. Luckily it’s not my most expensive lense in my bag, or my most used. The last time it happened was with the lense I shoot sports with. The lense cost $1200 and the first day I owned it I dropped it, I was sick about it. I packaged it up and sent it to Canon for repair and they quoted me $800 to fix it. I thought that was ridiculous so I researched it, ordered parts, and fixed it myself for $30. I’ll have to do the same with this lense. I just need to find the time to research what the problem with it is.

Note to self…..quit trying to carry everything in one load, it tends to be an expensive mistake that I keep making. I was just thankful the camera body wasn’t affected, that would have been a very expensive item to replace. 

Below you will find my other farmhouse printables, just click the links to download them or pin the to come back to later. 

Free Farmhouse Printables

Cow Printable             |             Chicken Printable             |             Pig Printable

Peaches         |          Cherry          |          Pumpkins

Farm Fresh Produce                |               Route 66


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  1. shirley bruninghous says:

    Thanks for the ideas and sharing these prints with us. They look great. While your online this week , maybe you could find a deal on a large bolt of bubble wrap. That may help you and the items you’re carrrying survive the trip outdoors. Have a great week. Its getting cold here in NW Pa. The weatherman has even started using the f word. Frost

    1. Shirley I’m cracking up at your comment. I’ll keep an eye out for some bubble wrap. Cold here too I’m going to have to turn the heat on this week I’m afraid.

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