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Farmhouse Ladder, Mirror and Side Table


Farmhouse Style Decor

I’ve made a few changes in the cabin by swapping out things from one room to another. First I moved the blanket ladder with the farmhouse light, next I moved the farmhouse mirror, and lastly I added a side table I picked up at a garage sale last week.

In the photo below you can see the earlier placement of the mirror used over my makeup vanity and the blanket ladder was beside the tv console.

The move all started with the season change. Once fall rolls around our daylight dwindles quickly and the cabin’s in need of lighting. I never turn on a lamp in the summer months but it’s that time of year where we need them. I started looking online for a floor lamp but gave up when I truly didn’t find anything I liked the looks of and I certainly didn’t like the prices.

So I decided to get creative and move the blanket ladder over beside the chair and attach a farmhouse shop light to the top rung. It gets even better by adding the farmhouse mirror behind it on the stair well. Amazingly it bounces even more light around the space. Win win here, no money spent and it’s working out just like I’d planned.

Farmhouse Mirror Decor

You’ve all heard me say before I keep a running garage sale list on my phone. There’s things I’m looking for, their not must have today things, and they need to be quality pieces no fake wood. Interesting side tables have been on my list for almost two years now.

Farmhouse Decor

I stopped a local church garage sale, its something they do every year, knowing they always have great stuff at SUPER cheap prices. I get there right when they open because I figure all the good stuff will be gone if I don’t, lol. This year I picked up a couple of old wooden spoons, two bean pots, and this wooden side table with curvy legs for $5. Who could pass up that price, right?

Farmhouse Decor

So far I’ve done nothing to the table but give it a good wipe down with a magic sponge. It had been stored in a barn and was covered in grime and dust. I think it cleaned up pretty good for the little amount of time I spent on it. I think I’ll let it stay, as it is, natural wood, and just enjoy its simplicity.

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  1. Looks great and that table is awesome!

  2. Everything looks great. I too was looking on line for a floor lamp. I’m going to use your idea instead. Just move my blanket ladder and add a light. Fantastic idea. I love it.

    1. Judy so glad I’ve inspired you. It’s such an easy way to get what you’ll need.

  3. Really like the new look. Great job.

  4. You always have the best outcomes! Looks fantastic as usual 🙂

    1. Lisa I love that I didn’t even have to purchase a bunch of new things to make it work.

    1. Jeanie, We all have our things that’s for sure!

  5. have you looked at walmart? i love there lamps. the Better Homes & Gardens is my favorite brand and the Better Homes and Gardens Steel Double Pull Chain Floor Lamp is my favorite floor lamp and wish i had a spot for it.

    1. Angela, Our Walmart is small and doesn’t have much. I see so many post pics of cute things from the Better Homes and Garden line but our store has nothing cute like that. Maybe I’ll check on line and see what I can find from Wally World.

  6. Everything looks so cozy!! Luv that cute table…what a bargain!!

    1. Charlotte, I couldn’t pass it up for $5. I’m sure it will move all over my house and be used in different ways.

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