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Farmhouse Plaid Pillows


Farmhouse decor, barn print, crock, pussy willows, olive branches, architectural pieces, log home, country living.I have a confession to make, I fell of the pillow wagon; ugh! I was doing so good without making a new purchase for so long but just like any other addiction I hit a weak moment and broke down. I just couldn’t pass them up, they were the perfect green, the perfect fabric, and the perfect pattern for our new furniture. And it happened: I walked by theM twice, circled the store and all of a sudden they were in my arms and I was carrying them to the counter to check out.

Green and Cream Plaid Pillow, Farmhouse Decor, Crock, Pussy Willow, Faux Green Plants, Neutral Decor, Country Living, Log Home.I’ve been carrying a paint swatch around that matched the color I used on our island forever looking for fabric to make my own pillows, but when I spotted these I knew right away they were perfect green and just enough of it to give the sofa a little pop of color.

Green and Cream Plaid Pillow, Farmhouse Decor, Crock, Pussy Willow, Faux Green Plants, Neutral Decor, Country Living, Log Home, Barn Print.

I must have had buyers guilt because I let them ride around in the back seat of my Jeep for over a week before I even brought them into the house. I don’t know why I was stressing myself so about the purchase, but I’t made me feel like I’d ate that huge piece of chocolate cake when I was supposed to be on a diet 🙁 But now that I have them in the room I love them and I’m justifying the purchase because it was from a local crafter who had such a sweet store and I like to give my money to local shop owners who are struggling to make a go of it. 

Farmhouse decor, barn print, crock, pussy willows, olive branches, architectural pieces, log home, country living.

Since Spring doesn’t look like it’s ever coming to Michigan I decided to add a few faux pussy willow branches to the olive branches in the crock.  It’s shaping up to be a repeat of the “Year Without A Summer” if you’re not familiar with it it’s an interesting read.

Pussy Willows and Olive Branches in an Old Chippy Crock

So now that I have that off my chest I’m moving forward and will get back on the wagon and try again, lol. 




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  1. Oh my goodness could I connect with this blog…the walking around the store peeking back at those pillows that are just”right”…keeping them in the back of the car for a bit and so on!
    Love your home and design sense. I live in an early 1800’s log cabin here in Canada…we are long awaiting Spring as well!
    Regards Jan

    1. Jan I love that you live in a log cabin. It’s hard to find others that can relate when it comes to decorating. I find it a very difficult home to get just right.

  2. Chippy crocks always speak to me. They are perfect! I am a sucker for throw pillows and have some even hiding in closets around the house…. even took some to Goodwill last week that I no longer use. Your new ones are perfect, so don’t feel guilty……

    1. Thank you Diane for supporting the pillow purchase, LOL. Us throw pillow lovers have to stick together.

  3. Why are we women so quick to feel guilty, apologize and/or question our decision about buying something so benign as a decorative pillow? It’s not a fur coat, or a diamond bracelet — it’s a pillow — that in the whole scheme of things is not an expensive purchase. Are we so ingrained with the idea that we can only spend on what is “needed,” what is “useful” or what we are “told” or “allowed” to purchase? Society has done women no favors by causing us to bear unfair angst and guilt for much of what we do. I say really enjoy the pillows – in fact, celebrate that you found exactly the look that you wanted. They look beautiful. Please – no guilt or second-guessing allowed.

    1. Thank you Pat loved your comment today. I wouldn’t have felt so guilty but I just cleaned out my pillow stash and over 50 went to charity.

  4. You are so funny! WE have all fallen off the wagon and it’s ok, really! That just means you have to get rid of 2 other pillows now! lol they look great with your style and I’m sure they feel right at home!

    1. Susan, funny thing is no in our home ever notices the pillow changes, but I do live with all men and their not very observant or maybe they just don’t care.

      1. You notice and that’s what keeps the fire burning! Those pillows are perfect!

        1. Carol, thank you I’ve never met a pillow I didn’t love and want to take home.

  5. My problem is things just happen to land in my cart! ? ? Loving the pillows.

  6. Lorraine that same thing happens to me. LOL

  7. I’m a new reader of your blog, and I just have to tell you, your home is gorgeous! My husband and I are in the process of building a cabin (same deal logging and milling our own lumber) and your style is such an inspiration for me. I’m not a lodge look person either and green is my all time favorite color. Would you mind telling where you got that amazing huge barn picture by your door? Again your house is beautiful and I just know I’m going to LOVE reading your blog! (sorry if this comment shows up on another post. I wasn’t sure if it took. Rural internet can be the pits!) Thanks and God bless!

  8. Nancy Cox says:

    Your story is too funny. I love it probably because it hits so close to home. Love your pillows.

  9. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, Your pillows do go prefectly with your sofa. I can also relate to items leaping in my cart. Lets hope spring gets here soon.

    1. Cheryl, another snow storm here right now. Im beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see spring.

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