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Farmhouse Wall Art From an Old Spool


How to Turn an Old Cable or Wire Spool Top Into Farmhouse Wall Art

Today I’m over at my besties place showing off what we’ve been doing with an old wire cable pool top. If you missed the earlier entryway post you can see that here.  My hubby has these left over from job sites and knows this type of thing is right up our alley so he always saves them for me.  If it’s old and junky it’s a treasure in my book! 

First my bestie painted and distressed the piece then I designed the pattern that we transferred onto the wood. We decided it was easier to work on with it hanging on the wall so we tackled that project first. And when we’re together there’s always tons of laughs because we do the stupidest things some times but we have a fantastic time when we’re together. How to Turn an Old Cable or Wire Spool Top Into Farmhouse Wall Art

Neither one of us has any artistic ability so tracing the design onto the spool was what we decided to do. I’ve used a projector from the library before to do something similar so we went back to the library and borrowed it. This is where the laughter began….we couldn’t figure out how to turn the light on, after looking it over and laughing my bestie said she’d done this before and figured it out. The bulb was out! It’s she a genius LOL. I know others don’t think we’re funny but we laugh until we pee our pants! We’ve been friends for over 40 years, boy the stories we can tell.

How to Turn an Old Cable or Wire Spool Top Into Farmhouse Wall Art

We took turns tracing the patter, using a pencil, believe it or not our arms got tired of working on that angle. Rather than having to paint everything and try and be neat about it we decided to use a jumb sharpie to fill everything in. I highly recommend the sharpie method, it worked perfectly and looks just like a hand painted design. 

How to Turn an Old Cable or Wire Spool Top Into Farmhouse Wall Art

The farmhouse look she’s going for is coming along nicely. Every project we’ve done in her place has been a freebie. We’ve collected salvaged wood all summer long to bring her ideas together. Next I’ll share with you that cabinet you see in the photo (there’s a hidden suprise inside). 


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  1. It looks so good! Beautiful job!

    1. Margo, thank you 🙂 It was great fun putting it all together.

  2. The truck design is perfect! But then I’m an old truck lover. Aren’t girlfriends just the best thing on earth!!

    1. Diane, I wouldn’t give up my bestie for anything in the world.

  3. What a blessing to have such a great friend! I’ve enjoyed all of your blogs that you’ve written about the two of you. Her apartment looks so cute and what a great upcycle. I’m looking forward to reading about that lovely cabinet. Btw, I would never guess that you are not artistic.

    1. Jen, what a sweet comment 🙂 Yes we have the best of times decorating her place. It all seems to be coming together nicely.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    That is a really cool design. I also love old trucks & tractors. Smart idea with the sharpie. Thanks Dawn for sharing.

    1. Cheryl Im in love with using a sharpie it worked out perfectly.

    1. Carol it was so fun to make and the time spent with my bestie is priceless.

  5. Great ideas! I am working on my craft room now!! Had already decided to use spool!

  6. Oh my, what a nice friend. You two are lucky to have each oter. I love this peice she did, and how beautiful she did. That’s sweet of your husband to save the spools and bring them home to you. Good guy!

  7. Mindy Combest says:

    Hi Dawn

    What a cute idea! I always go for an old farm truck design in anything!

    Thank you
    Mindy from Texas

  8. Lisa M Telthorst says:

    I’m a dog lover, barn lover, classic car and old truck geek—LOVE that wall feature!! You should sell the blueprint (or whatever it’s called….not a craft geek, lol 🙂

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