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Faux Spring Flowers



Faux Spring Flowers In Pink and Dusty Green, Deer Antlers, Wood Slices, Rustic Flower Arrangement

Spring is still nowhere in sight here in Michigan but as of today most of the snow has melted. That must mean temperatures are climbing a little bit but still no signs of anything green. So a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do; head to the basement and dig out a few faux blooms from her flower bin.

Faux Spring Flowers In Pink and Dusty Green, Deer Antlers, Wood Slices, Rustic Flower Arrangement

Amongst my stash were forsythia blooms that are yellow and whatever these pink ones are. I opted for pink; it’s a color I never decorate with so I said what the heck I’d give it a go for a while. I recently noticed I seem to dress in the same colors I decorate with and pink is not one of my color choices. Without making a purchase I decided I’d use what I had. If you missed my kitchen lighting post you’ll have to pop over and see what I mean by my clothes match my home décor, LOL.

Faux Spring Flowers In Pink and Dusty Green, Deer Antlers, Wood Slices, Rustic Flower Arrangement

Anyway back to the flowers: I know for many of you faux are out of the question but they have come a long way over the years. I used to be able to spot a fake flower or plant a mile away but not now so many of them truly look real. So that’s my excuse for using them anyway.

Decorating With Numbers That Have Meaning To You

Now with the snow gone I was able to clean up the yard after our roof issue of losing shingles during the windstorm. My first thought was to throw them all in the dumpster but I decided I’d better keep one as a color match. I’m sure the roof repair man will be happy he didn’t have to climb up there and peel one off to use for matching. I’m just hoping the same shingle color’s still made I certainly don’t want a roof with patches of different colored shingles. I’ll be raising a stink if that’s what the plan is.

Faux Spring Flowers In Pink and Dusty Green, Deer Antlers, Wood Slices, Rustic Flower Arrangement

I zoomed in on the number “32” I have a post coming up about decorating with numbers and thirty two is the one I use all over the cabin; it’s my firefighter son’s number. Whenever I find it in a thrift store or antique shop I snatch it up if the price is right. So tell me are you seeing signs of spring where you live yet? I love Michigan winters but I so ready to welcome Spring in!


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  1. In Denver, 9 inches of snow dumped on us yesterday. We’re so close to the sun that it will melt in a couple of days and the moisture was welcome as we had a dry winter. Best of all the snowdrops and grape hyacinths will appear as soon as the snow melts. Yea spring! Pretty arrangement, Dawn.

    1. Jan, ugh! We just had another wind storm here with rain and hail. Now were flooded, the poor flowers are going to have to swim to find there way up from the soil.

  2. Love the little pink flowers, faux or not. They look fresh and spring-ey. Waiting for Spring here too – a little south of you in Indiana – seems to just be teasing us. Also predictions are for another strong wind “event” today. I keep checking my roof. Can’t imagine me complaining about what heat and dry weather will do to my lawn and garden this coming summer, but probably will. I guess that makes me human.

    1. Pat we had the strong wind event along with hail and rain just a few minutes ago and were flooded. I’ll have to go check our roof again I’m sure there’s more shingles missing. I guess it’s a good thing it hasn’t been fixed yet they may as well do it once. I say the same I’ll be complaining about the heat before you know it. LOL

  3. Saw a red winged black bird here in Southern Michigan yesterday so that makes me happy! I have not seen a robin yet but hoping so soon!!! Spring is on the way!!

    1. Jeanie, no Robins here yet either but plenty of sparrows and wrens. I’ll have to be on the lookout now that you mentioned it.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Your pink flowers are the cutest and they sure look real.
    We are in Northern Ontario, Canada, and we are far from spring . It did rain all night however we have tons and tons of snow. I am so done with the snow. Bring on spring !

    1. Cheryl, Today was the first day of our spring warm up. It was 35 and I didn’t have to wear a coat. It’s supposed to get in the 40’s and 50’s this week and I can’t wait. I’m with you, Bring on Spring!

  5. I think spring has arrived here in Tennessee! Signs of life have returned after flooding rains we dealt with for several weeks which caused schools to close. The Bradford pear trees are in full bloom but not in their brilliant white I’ve seen in past years, but i’m not complaining! temps got up near 70 with lots of sun the past few days and riding with the car windows down is such a treat after being frozen all winter! I hope it stays sunny and the temps keep spoiling us! 🙂

    1. Barbie you’re so lucky it snowed again here this week 🙁 I was married in TN and love it there.

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