How to Organize Lower Kitchen Cupboards

30 Minute Cleaning Challenge Lower Cupboards

Week 2 of the Cleaning Challenge was to tackle the lower kitchen cupboards. This area took me about 15 minutes. I don’t have many pot or pans even though I cook for a crowd most of the time. I mainly use my large dutch oven and I layer things all in one dish, I actually only own one frying pan. I would rather make due with what I have rather than hang on to things that are only used occasionally. Around holiday time if I need extra baking dishes I purchase those aluminum throw away pans, they work great and you don’t even have to wash them. I did take note while straightening up my dish cloth drawer to purchase cloths in colors other than white, you can only bleach them so many times and they still look dingy. I think on my next trip out I will get new ones in bamboo, they are antibacterial and come in some pretty colors. 


30 Minute Cleaning Challenge Lower Cupboards

I was amazed to find how many cleaning products I had opened in the same item. I combined them and recycled the old containers, and arranged them in my under sink caddy by how often they are used. I use my counter and refrigerator cleaner every day so I have that placed to the front. Another thing I do is buy all my baggies, tinfoil, and things like that in institutional size you get a much better price and I only need to do it about once a year. 


Boot tray under sink for plumbing drips

This is one of the best things I have ever done, put a boot tray under your sink where the plumbing is. I have had a minor drip from time to time and this catches the water before it ruins the wooden base. I know it won’t do much if you have a major break in the line but you will be amazed how much one little boot tray can catch. It also helps with any cleaning product spill or leak. My dishwasher sprung a pin size hole in the line and this captured the spray as well as I could hear it dripping on the plastic and was able to shut off the valve until hubby got home to check it out. This is $2 well spent. 


If you missed Week #1 of the Cleaning Challenge you can see it here,  and if you would like to join in on the 30 Minute Cleaning Challenge the schedule is here. Now did anyone else get any cleaning and organizing done? For me this has been a great way to stay on track and I don’t dread a big project. I will be back at the end of the month to show you; but while I was at my cleaning I also gave the cupboards a fresh coat of paint. It sure felt good to get that done.





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  1. Such smart ideas! I loved this blog post. Maybe you’ll inspire me:-) Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. So far it is working great for me and keeps me on track 🙂

  2. I have pretty much narrowed my cleaners down to one. It is from Trader Joe’s and I carry it around and spray everything I need to clean. Works great. xo Laura

    1. Laura, we don’t have a Trader Joes in my area, but it would be nice to use only one cleaner. I have concrete, wood, and stainless not sure if I could find one to do it all.

  3. I organise all of our closets, cleaning products, even make-up and what not with those white baskets, they keep everything tidy and wen I need something, I can grab and go =)

    1. Great idea 🙂 I need to do my makeup again it seems to get unorganized and out of hand quickly.

  4. oops, I meant “when” = ) now if I could find the baskets small enough, I could do our chest drawers too!

    1. Yvonne, welcome aboard I am so glad to have you cleaning along with me 🙂

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