How to Organize a Kitchen Island

I can’t believe we are already into week 3 of the  Cleaning Challenge, and this weeks area was the “Kitchen Island.”  I have really enjoyed getting things accomplished without dreading doing the whole space. Breaking it into 30 minute intervals was doable and I actually looked forward to diving in. 

30 Minute Cleaning Challenge - Kitchen Island

One smart thing I had the builders do when making the cupboards was to have all drawers. I can’t believe how much they hold and it’s so easy to get at things, I would never have them any other way if I had a choice. Mine are deep and very sturdy, with self closing mechanisms. Here’s a little secret…. I have 3 junk drawers, I know it seems like a lot but they are all organized and tidy and I just can’t do without them. Maybe after the kids move out I can consolidate it down to one, but for now 3 it will be. 


All my drawers and shelves have liners on them so while I was cleaning I took them out, gave the a good washing and vacuumed the inside of the drawers. The worst drawer was where we keep the cereal, the kids seem to spill more in the drawer than their bowl. I also sorted through the items in my napkin and tablecloth drawer, I found several I don’t use any more and decided to take them to the hospice resale shop. 


Dish Cloth


Remember last week when I was complaining my dish cloths were getting dingy and I would need to purchase new?  Well, I didn’t even have to leave my house I found about 20 new dish towels and cloths in my linen drawer. I guess it pays to clean and sort things from time to time. This made me happy, they are all colors that work in my kitchen and I didn’t have to spend more money.


There’s still time to jump on board with the “Cleaning Challenge” or you can start in next month when we will be moving to the laundry area. If you missed the previous weeks you can see them here: Week 1 Cleaning Challenge, Week 2 Cleaning Challenge.


30 Minute Cleaning Challenge


Now tell me what area of your home you are working on cleaning? For me it’s motivation to hear how others are organizing, purging, and getting they spaces neat and tidy. Does it have that effect on anyone else? Don’t forget next week we will be working on the Kitchen Window, Sink, and Light Fixtures.






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  1. Looking good Dawn…I love it when everything has a place and is organized! Have a great weekend!

    1. Martina it’s a good feeling to have it all accomplished.

  2. Oh my gosh I want all those new towels and dishcloths! Mine are so bad. I wish I had a big island like yours…mine is very small (like my kitchen!) This turned out wonderful and what a great feeling to have it all ship shape.

    1. Ann I love my kitchen it is the favorite room in our house. I knew when we built I had to do it right it may never have again.

  3. I am going to tackle my island I was so inspired! That was so smart to have it all drawers, so practical in an island and especially for lower cabinets. It’s so much easier to look down into a drawer than to try to get down to ankle level and peer into the back of a lower cabinet.

    1. Marcia I agree drawers are so much smarter. I love mine and wouldn’t do a kitchen any other way.

  4. Dawn
    If I build an island I’m going to make drawers too. They are so much better for storage!
    It’s so funny how much you can get accomplished in in such a short time.
    My next cleaning project is our bathroom vanity.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Lucky find of new dish cloths. We are just starting the process of a kitchen renovation … the perfect time to clean out the few cupboards I have … then lots of fun filling all the new ones 😉

    1. Linda it will be so fun to do a renovation if you don’t mind the mess for a while.

  6. I think I must have some form of selective “ADD” because I start cleaning something, at that point my mind is already wondering off on what to clean next, and before I know it, I feel like I’m leading down a path on “to do’s” overload! I use micro fibre towels, for EVERYTHING!

    1. Breaking it into 30 minutes of cleaning has been the best thing ever for me. I do have that to-do list but I work on one are for 30 minutes check it off my list and the next week move on to something else on the list. I think it is so freeing not to have to tackle the whole task at one time. I used to have tons of microfiber clothes but my kids and hubby seem to use them and I never see them again.

  7. Great advice! Breaking organizing and cleaning chores down into small increments of time really does make big jobs manageable. It’s what I do all the time. Who has all day? Don’t you LOVE it when you discover something you forgot you had? 🙂

    1. I think age is what finally clued me in to cleaning in small amounts. I certainly don’t have to have to have it done all in one day and it is nice to finally realize it. And yes, I love it when I find something I can use.

  8. And here I sit, when I should be doing your challenge. How wonderful Dawn. You asked me about that cleaning solution on your concrete counters, I would say absolutely you can, it’s natural and if you can use it on stone, I don’t see why not on yours.

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