How To Speed Clean Your Kitchen Sink, Window, and Light Fixtures

This is the last week of my cleaning challenge for February and the areas I worked on were the sink, light fixtures, and window. This week was a quick cleaning challenge and it’s a good thing my 94 year old Gram had a fall and most of my time has been spent at the hospital. 


Barn Light Fixtures used Inside

I started with my light fixtures first, they are very easy to clean all I do is give them a quick dusting with a microfiber cloth and while I’m at it I take the bulbs out and give them a cleaning too. It’s hard to believe but lightbulbs gather plenty of dust and do affect how much light is given off, so don’t forget to give them some care also. My kitchen light fixtures are designed to be in a barn, but I loved the looked and the price was right so I went for it. (In a later post I will give you more details on the lights.) From there I washed the window on the inside, no cleaning on the outside until this Arctic Blast passes. 


How to Clean a Black Silgranit Sink


Next spot was the sink. I have a black Silgranit Sink and it’s very hard to tell when it’s dirty, which is a good thing, but I do make sure and give it a good scrubbing every day. The method that works best for me is to use Dawn dish soap and a soft scrubbing cloth, wipe it dry, apply mineral oil to a cloth, and wipe it down. The sink looks just like the day I purchased it every time. I find the mineral oil lasts for about a week, and when I notice the water not beading up on the sink any longer I re-coat it with mineral oil. I love this sink and would purchase another one if ever need be, not only is it huge it always looks beautiful. 


I am proud to say my kitchen is in order, and I enjoyed challenging myself with the tasks. Next month I have scheduled the Laundry Area to clean. It’s not to late to jump on board and follow along with this series. I plan on cleaning my way through my home in less than 30 minutes a week.


30 Minute Cleaning Challenge March Areas to Clean






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  1. Oh I love doing cleaning with you!!! Thanks for the sink cleaning tip! I have a soapstone sink and this process works great!! LOVE your light fixture!

    1. Thank you Yvonne, I would love a soapstone sink I have looked hard at a soapstone stove. I just love them 🙂

  2. I have enjoyed cleaning along with you. In some areas I had more to do and in others, less, but your ideas inspired me and dealing with my own kitchen issues. Laundry room… Mine is in a closet so this will be interesting. I recently sorted thru all cleaning supplies on the shelves. Decorated some cardboard boxes that fit the shelf and labeled the boxes…felt really good. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Ann, that is a brilliant idea to reuse boxes. I currently only have shelves above my washer and dryer. If I can find cabinets that fit, I would like hubby to install them. Im so glad you are cleaning along with me 🙂

  3. Hi Dawn
    Very interesting. I didn’t know to use mineral oil!
    I’ll be following along for March as the laundry room is the next
    place on my Spring cleaning list already..

    1. Kim glad to have you following along. Hope you post it on your blog so I can see all your hard work.

  4. Your light fixture is so fun! That’s great that you’re sticking to your cleaning schedule!

    1. Susan so far I am keeping on track with my cleaning and quite proud of myself.

    1. Shirley, I only tackled the kitchen light fixtures I will do the others when I get to those rooms. You should join in, it makes you feel very accomplished.

  5. Dawn, I’m in love with your light!
    I guess I should join in on your laundry room cleaning schedule. I was noticing that my washer could use a good cleaning.

    1. Adina, it is amazing how dirty a washer can get, I can’t wait to get at mine and give it a good cleaning.

  6. Cleaning, UGH! The air here is so humid in the summer, that between some of the seals in the dishwasher, has mildew, I could have sworn I never had this issue when I was back home in the U.S., my biggest issues is having to dust, with two doggies, and keeping a stainless steel sink clean, I can see hard water build up around some crevices, I couldn’t even remove it with elbow grease!

    1. Marie, Try using mineral oil on the stainless sink for water spots.

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